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Winnie the wallaby welcomed home

The owner of Winnie the Wallaby who went missing in Co Tyrone on Sunday is jumping for joy since it was located in the small hours of this morning (Thu).

She escaped her enclosure shortly after arrival at Glenpark Estate on Sunday evening.

She was found in nearby foliage arlier today.

Estate owner Richard Beattie was delighted.


Richard Beattie and the missing wallaby Winnie Image: Facebook


A specialist search team took over on Wednesday night with an advanced search light and found Winnie hiding in a bush.

Mr Beattie said she is now back with her male companion in the estate and is doing well.

“We managed to find her shortly after midnight last night,” he said.

“We had sightings reported all over the country but we eventually found her amongst the foliage not far from where she went missing.

“She is back home safe now and we’re just delighted. We were filled with the worst of worry thinking about what might have happened.

“A massive thank you to everyone who helped us and sent us messages of support while this rascal went on her little adventure.

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“Special thanks to Tony Smith, Derek Storey, James and Nathan O Hagan and Davy Sinnamon who were key to helping us find Winnie and bring her home late last night.

“Selina and I have been genuinely touched by the outpouring of support over the few days. There are too many people to mention, but we appreciate all of the calls and messages, and also the media interest which helped highlight our plight.”

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