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Theatre company brings myths to life during lockdown

A Northern Irish theatre company this weekend launches a new live theatrical production tailor made for times of lockdown.

Based on Irish myths and legends, Operation Elsewhere transports audiences to Northern Ireland, featuring virtual backdrops from the north coast using the medium of Zoom.

Big Telly Theatre’s new virtual live show follows The Tempest Live which has attracted audiences from all over the globe.
Director Zoe Seaton told The Irish World: “It’s about the fact that the mythical world or the imagination world isn’t very far away.

“We were keen to make something which although it is about Irishness that people feel these stories belong to everybody.

“The the play is about the quest to release a bride and put the world back to rights.”

The show is interactive with participants able to break out and enter different rooms.

“The bravery of the actors is just phenomenal, that they just all in their rooms and being really resourceful.

“The audience are very present and they get spotlight. If someone’s really dancing at the wedding, we can spotlight them and they love it.

“What people have said is that they feel like they’re part of a community and that’s been a real joy.

“What we want for the audience is like they were going to Ireland. You expect great craic, stories, amazing scenery. I’m hoping we will deliver that.”

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Operation Elsewhere can be seen 3pm and 7pm 2-4 May.

You can book by calling 01865 766266 or clicking here.

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