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Restaurant’s 50% off for NHS staff ‘least we can do for our heroes’

By David Hennessy

The Algarve Portuguese restaurant in Potters Bar are offering a 50% discount to our ‘heroes’ in the NHS. Open for takeaway, the restaurant is also offering 30% off to police officers and 10% off for the general public.

Owner Pedro Silva told The Irish World that he wanted to help after seeing critical care nurse Dawn Bilbrough’s tearful video about finding the supermarket shelves stripped so bare by panic buyers she could not get any food for herself after finishing her shift.

Pedro told us: “It all started with that lady, that NHS worker, that was crying on the phone because she couldn’t get food in the supermarket when she finished her shift.

“I thought, ‘Why can I not help them?’ It’s not going to give me any profit, it might even give me a little bit of loss but it’s the minimum we can do for our heroes at the moment.

“We’re giving 10% discount for the general public, 30% discount for the police force. Any NHS staff, it’s the least we can do to give them 50% discount.

“When they finish work, we’ve got some nicely cooked food nice and warm.

“Why not? I have got my stock there. I still have my suppliers coming in so as long as we are here and as long as the NHS are doing what they are doing for everyone, we are to help them.”

As a new restaurant, The Algarve has been hit hard by theCovid-19 lockdown: “We opened three weeks ago. I invested all my life savings and then all of a sudden all of this came.

“My priority is my staff and will always be.

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“If we can survive this, we’re here to stay.”

You can call The Algarve on 01707 660 657 or go to their website here.

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