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Queen’s funeral expected to be Monday week

Although yet to be officially confirmed the date being discussed for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral is Monday week, 19 September following today’s start of ten days of official mourning.

The Queen will lie in state in Westminster Hall for about four days before her funeral.

Members of the public will be able to pay their respects as she lies there.

The funeral in Westminster Abbey will be the first to be held there for a British monarch since 1760.

The funeral day’s proceedings will begin at 9am the bell in the Elizabeth Tower, Big Ben, muffled with a leather pad.

The Queen’s funeral cortege will arrive at the Abbey at around 11am.

The Queen’s coffin, which will have been in nearby Westminster Hall where she will have been lying in state, will be carried to the neighbouring abbey that morning.

The service will be conducted by the Dean of Westminster, and a national two minutes silence will be held. It will be televised.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby will give the sermon, Prime Minister Liz Truss will read a lesson.

A member of royal household staff posts a notice on the gates of the Buckingham Palace in London announcing the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The funeral will be invitation only and some 2,000 guests will be invited . the public will be free to line up along The Mall along which there will be a full military parade, including the Army, Navy and RAF which will finish at Hyde Park Corner.

Her hearse will then travel with the coffin to Windsor Castle where the Queen will be buried at the King George VI Memorial Chapel alongside her parents and the ashes of her sister, Princess Margaret.

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It will be treated as an unofficial bank holiday by many with some businesses closing. 

Church services will be held across the country, with books of condolence in public buildings and online.

Initial plans involved the Queen’s coffin to process on a gun carriage pulled by naval ratings using ropes instead of horses, with military personnel also lining the streets.

In the evening, there will be a private interment service with senior members of the Royal family.



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