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Powerday’s 2012 Olympics legacy

Joe Joyce
Joe Joyce

Boxing bursaries for 11 talented Londoners were announced this week by Irish-owned London waste disposal and recycling firm Powerday.

The company’s owner Mick Crossan presented the 11 London junior amateur boxers – 9 men, 2 women – with bursaries and equipment to develop their sporting careers at an event on Wednesday.

Among the guests at the event were Olympic Silver Medallist and Commonwealth Heavyweight Champion Joe Joyce, former British and Commonwealth Welterweight Champion Bradley Skeete, and chair of London Boxing Lenny Hagland.

Powerday said that the standard of entrants this year had been exceptionally high, with all 11 winners members of London Boxing clubs.

“These bursaries will assist 11 aspiring young London boxers, male and or female, who have the ability to achieve success in their chosen sport at Regional, National and International levels,” the company said.

Over the past seven years, Powerday has supported London’s Boxing Development Plans and Achievements, building on the London 2012 Olympic Games for change and growth in the sport of amateur boxing.

Previous bursary recipients have since achieved National and International titles, such as Caroline Dubois, the Junior World and Olympic Champion.

The initiative is one of the only commercial legacies for the sport of the 2012 London Olympics.

Presenting the bursaries Powerday chairman Mick Crossan said: “Powerday as a family-owned company based in London are committed to making a positive difference to people’s lives through our work on a daily basis in the capital.

“This scheme is a further tier of our community engagement, seeking to help young people realise their potential, which through their clubs provides them with so many positive messages and lessons for life.

“Hopefully some of these young people can aspire to go on to achieve the excellence that our special guests Joe Joyce and Bradley Skeete, both Commonwealth and British Champions, in the amateur and professional ranks.”

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Lenny Hagland, the President of London Boxing, thanked Mr Crossan and Powerday for their investment in “our young athletes”.

He said: “Whilst there is a strong support mechanism at the top of High Performance in British Sport, it is the small margins that can make a difference to young aspiring boxers to reach the pinnacle, and this scheme will offer some essential funding to those who are in need of further support to fulfil their potential and achieve international standards.”

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