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Online festival celebrating all things Cavan

Today is the first ever ‘Cavan Day’, the inaugural day to celebrate the Cavan diaspora. Although a big homecoming festival had been planned it has had to be postponed until next year due to the pandemic.

However, in its place today there is an online festival celebrating all things Cavan with the people encouraged to show their pride and create ‘a sea of blue and white across the world wide web’ by taking to social media and celebrating Cavan using the #CavanDay hashtag.

Speaking at the launch, celebrity chef and Cavan native Neven Maguire said: “Cavan people are fiercely proud of where they come from, and rightly so. Its people, its stunning scenery, proud history, and wonderful culture, food, and of course that unmistakable Cavan wit, are all worth shouting about.

“The past few months have been difficult, with many people separated from loved ones, and a lot of people’s livelihoods placed under threat by the pandemic. Cavan Day is designed to give Cavan people at home and abroad a lift, and to remind us all that we are part of a wonderful global family.”

Organisers said when they were announcing the initiative: “All of us at Cavan County Council were heartened – but not surprised – at the massive interest in the Cavan Calling homecoming festival, so when circumstances meant we were forced to postpone this year’s event, we were determined to find some other way to harness the positivity that exists towards Cavan and to bring Cavan people together, even if we could not do so in person this year.

“With that in mind, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the first ever ‘Cavan Day’ – an online celebration of the Global Cavan Family, its people, its diaspora and everyone who shares an affinity with the county, whether through culture, education, business, tourism or friendship – takes place on Saturday, 26th September.

“The inaugural Cavan Day will allow the Global Cavan Family around the globe to wear the county colours and show their pride in and connection to Cavan.

“It’s an opportunity to send a message to friends and loved ones, to share a photo of a special place back home or your connection to the Cavan Family, and – whether you’re in Boston or Birmingham, Dubai or Darwin – to turn your little corner of the world Breffni blue for a day.”

A special ‘Cavan Day’ show will broadcast live at 5pm (Ireland Time) on Cavan TV, on Facebook, and on YouTube, with live musical performances of beloved Cavan music, interviews with some of the Breffni County’s best-known figures from the world of sport, arts, food, and business, and messages from the Global Cavan Family around the globe.

You can also get involved by sharing a picture of yourself in Cavan county colours, a message to loved ones, a cherished memory of Cavan, a picture of a favourite place in Cavan or a message why you have a shared affinity with the county.

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