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Normal People star ‘enticed’ to play GAA in London

Paul Mescal, the star of BBC’s Normal People, has revealed he was tempted to play GAA in London.

Speaking in The Times magazine at the weekend, Paul said a London GAA club got in touch to try to tempt the former Kildare underage star.

Paul lines up opposite Con O’Callaghan when he captained Kildare in the 2014 minor Leinster final.

Although he was laughing when he told the story, Paul said: “I’m not laughing that they asked me. I just find it hysterical that I’m still enticed by the idea.

“Football still does excite me. I love it. And if, in another world, it could coexist with being an actor, I would absolutely do it.”

And don’t be surprised if you see his co-star Daisy Edgar-Jones at Ruislip anytime soon as she has revealed she is now a GAA convert after seeing the game for the first time while making the show.

Paul battles Cormac Costello in the air during the 2015 Under-21 Leinster final.

“I am a GAA convert now and the thing is I had never seen it before. I loved the game- I have been made to watch soccer from an early age but I never really enjoyed it.

“But I really thought it was brilliant and it is such an amazing game and Paul is actually really good so they portrayed it properly.”

We interviewed both stars about the show here.

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