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No GAA in Britain for rest of month due to Covid-19

Londons Ryan Jones keen to make up for lost time

By Annie Driver

Britain Ladies Gaelic Football Association and the Provincial Council of Britain Gaelic Football Association have suspended all sporting activity until the end of the month.  This comes after the announcement from the Taioiseach Leo Vradakar that schools, colleges and facilities are to close across Ireland and a joint statement from GAA, LGFA and the Camogie Association that Gaelic games were to be suspended until March 29th.

Britain LGFA issued a statement shortly after: ‘As we are all aware the CoVid-19 situation has escalated with regards to Government and countries responses in line with the World Health Organisation recommendations’.

‘Although we are not in Ireland, The LGFA has issued a joint statement that all activities and meetings (including higher education competitions) are to be suspended until the 29th March which will come into affect from midnight tonight.  As a province of the LGFA we will be adhering to the statement issued from Croke Park.

The Provincial Council of Britain released a statement later in the evening clarifying their position: “In light of Government announcements, the GAA Croke Park statement, The Provincial Council of Britain Gaelic Football Association have decided to suspend all activity at Club, Inter-County and Educational levels until March 29 (inclusive) from midnight.  This is to include all games, training and team gatherings at all ages and all grades. We will continue to liaise with Croke Park, heed Government advice and review the situation between now and the end of the month, assessing the impact of these measures on our competitions.  In the meantime, the Association is encouraging all members to continue to follow the guidelines which have been provided by NHS England, Scotland & Wales.  Further updates will be published via County Secretaries and the Councils Website. A Separate Statement will be issued to the Council’s Employees.”

Upcoming men’s and women’s Britain University Gaelic Athletic Association Championships have been postponed as a result of this.

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