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Mulvey takes over from Mulligan as Fulham boss

Mulvey takes over from Mulligan as Fulham boss

Lorcan Mulvey has taken over the managerial reins from Owen Mulligan at Fulham Irish for the 2020 season.

The Tyrone legend guided Fulham to a senior county final last year in his first season in management, but is unable to continue in the role this year due to business commitments.

Fulham also reached the final of the Conway Cup.

“It’s all been done in agreement with Mugsy (Owen Mulligan),” Fulham Irish chairperson Liam Barry told the Irish World.

“Owen hasn’t left London permanently, but he won’t be returning to London until later in the year.

“In the short-term we could potentially see Gaelic football return here, so Lorcan has stepped up to the mark and he, along with Aidan Savage and Sean Maguire, will run the first-team for the season ahead.”

Mulligan kicked the winning point against Tir Chonaill Gaels when Fulham won its second senior title in 2017, but the Greenford club has come out on top against Fulham in the sides’ last two county final meetings.

“It’s a shame because Owen was desperate to win back the senior championship for the club this year, and he really thought he would do it,” added Barry.

Mulvey, who was nominated for an All Star for his role in helping London reach the Connacht final in 2013, joined Michael Maher’s London county management team this year as a selector.

The former Cavan inter-county footballer helped Fulham win its first senior London championship in 2011.

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The club says it is not looking beyond this season with regards to its manager.

“It’s great for us that Lorcan, Aidan and Sean are all ex-Fulham players. Sean was captain in 2011, the year Lorcan joined the club. Lorcan was instrumental to our championship win that year,” said Barry.

“He’s a true Fulham Irish man and very able, and he’s well respected at Fulham and throughout London.

“The last three years there’s only been a kick of the ball between ourselves and Tir Chonaill Gaels, but there’s another six clubs that will also have a big say.”

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