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London-Irish musicians’ appeal for girl with cancer

London-Irish musicians launch appeal for ‘wonderful and amazing’ three-year-old girl with cancer

London-Irish musicians have launched a fundraising campaign in support of three-year-old London girl Beatriz, or ‘Bibi’ as she is called, who has a very rare type of cancer.

At two and a half, Beatriz suddenly became very clingy and unhappy. Her parents thought it was just a phase. But she was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer that has 40-50% chance of long-term survival.

Beatriz needs to get to Barcelona for specialist treatment for neuroblastoma that increases the potential survival rate for this type of cancer from 10% to a 50%.

To get Bibi to Spain for treatment, her family have asked for help to raise the funds.

Bibi’s mother Laura Farmer posted on Facebook this week: “At GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital) waiting for Bibi’s pre-radiotherapy MRI.

“She hasn’t eaten since 7am and look at that smile (possibly delirious with hunger).

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“We’re in the process of planning the Barcelona treatment. It’s an amazing treatment that uses antibodies to target the neuroblastoma cells so it can then zap them with radiotherapy. (Google 8h9 neuroblastoma treatment for a more scientific explanation). And it can improve survival rates from 10% to 50%. Costs aren’t fully confirmed but we’re not a huge way off – and we’ve been overwhelmed with the response so far.

“Every single dance move, drawing, burpee and bear crawl is going to help us get to our target and literally help save her life. So thank you. From all of us X”

Bibi’s family say: “Beatriz, or ‘Bibi’, is a gorgeous little cutie pie- just don’t tell her that. She’s also completely fierce. Her favourite things are Paw Patrol, Peparami sausages, picking fluff out from in between her toes and winding up her big sister.

“She keeps her amazing nurses on their toes and terrifies the consultants.

“She’s weird, wonderful and amazing- She wants to be the tooth fairy when she grows up. And she is genuinely one of the funniest people we know.”

In 2019, the Irish music community hosted a folk night for Bibi which raised over £2,000. There was a great turnout with Mick O’Connor, Billy Steven, Jacquelyn Hynes, Bartley Duggan, Billy Faughnan, Aisling Clifford, Ciara Holland, Ced Thorose and the Irish Pensioners Choir in attendance.

This musical campaign is being organised by the London-Irish sisters Molly and Nora Mulready who said, “We are asking musicians of all ages to take part and to use our wonderful Irish culture to help save a child’s life.”

To join the campaign, you can record a video of yourself playing a tune, singing a song, or reading a poem, then post it to Facebook and ask your friends to donate by clicking here .

Every penny goes towards helping Bibi.

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