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London GAA ‘working’ to get McGovern Stand re-opened

London GAA working to get McGovern Stand reopened
The McGovern Stand at Ruislip was closed for last Sunday’s NFL game with Sligo. Photo: Damian Dolan

London GAA says it will “work towards compliance” with Hillingdon Borough Council to get the McGovern Stand at Ruislip opened up for this Sunday’s NHL Div 2B Round 2 clash with Derry.

Spectators at last Sunday’s NFL Div 4 fixture between London and Sligo were not permitted to sit in the stand, due to “management responsibility” and “safety” reasons.

Spectators were left to watch the game from behind the pitch perimeter, on what was a wet and cold day at Ruislip.

The board issued a statement on Monday (27 January).

It does not give the specific “requirements” which are still outstanding and which London must meet in time for the stand to be opened for Sunday’s match.

The full statement reads: “London GAA are working with our partners London Borough of Hillingdon’s regulatory services team to ensure that the management responsibility and planning for safety is complete to the required levels for 2020.

“This applies whether you have 250 or 6,000 spectators. London GAA have completed many of the requirements and will work with the regulatory services team to complete all elements in the interests of our spectators.

“It was unfortunate despite our best endeavours that all aspects were not complete for the Sligo game and we commend the positive reactions we received from all our spectators.

“It does point out to us the standards we now expect of ourselves and how far we have come with our facilities in that only a few years ago our pitch would have been unplayable, and spectators would be standing on the bank.

“The amount of volunteer hours it takes to not only keep McGovern Park to standard but the operation of London GAA must be appreciated by all.

“Our combined efforts will work towards compliance for London v Derry next Sunday and we appreciate the volunteer hours that will be invested.”

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