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Irish Film London launch online festival

Irish Film London have launched an online film festival in response to their planned St. Patrick’s Flm Festival being postponed. The planned festival was planned to have a Q and A with Oscar-nominated Lenny Abrahamson and screen new Irish crime thriller Calm with Horses. However, the festival was postponed along with the parade and other planned London St. Patrick’s celebrations on account of the coronavirus threat.

However, IFL’s novel idea of an online festival will ensure its followers can still  stay connected via a shared film experience.

The online festival launched at noon on Sunday 15th March and will run until midnight on St Patrick’s Day itself.

Festival Director Kelly O’Connor appealed to contributing directors, patrons and other supporters and has created a range of wonderful Irish shorts that can be screened absolutely free to anyone who can get online via their phone, laptop or tablet.

A statement from the festival read: “Although the team at Irish Film London advocate that film is best viewed on a big screen, in the dark and sharing the spectator experience live in a cinema, under the circumstances, we felt this alternative would avoid disappointing those who were looking forward to consuming some fine Irish films this weekend.

“The line-up includes films such as The Butterfly Love Story, The Blocks and the classic Give Yer Aul Sins: The Story of St. Patrick, as well as a few special treats along the way. ‘Attendees’ can enjoy comedy, drama, animation and documentary shorts, which demonstrate the vibrancy of Irish screen production.

“Whatever your interests in Irish film, you’re sure to find something in the online festival that appeals to you.”

The festival will take place online here.

You can register now to take part in the festival by emailing [email protected] to instantly obtain a password, which will then be valid during the official festival period.

The Irish Film London have also invited ‘attendees’ to join them on their Facebook page during the festival period, for discussions and live chat about the films and filmmakers. www.facebook.com/IrishFilmFestivalLondon

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IFL Chair, Lance Pettitt said: “Obviously, we are very disappointed to have to pull our annual St. Patrick’s Film Festival, but our ever-resourceful Kelly O’Connor has come up with a cracking idea.

“We hope to run a traditional, cinema based-festival later this summer, and of course, we will return in November 2020 for our 10th Irish Film Festival London (IFFL), including our annual Irish Film London Awards, to celebrate our 10th anniversary in style.”

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