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Hawke the Band to support Imelda May

London- based indie band Hawke the Band, who have been featured in The Irish World before, have been selected to open up the 5,000 capacity Iveagh Gardens show for Imelda May this Saturday 22 July.

The lads have played the venue before as support for Aslan and been hailed as ‘The next big thing’ by the late Christy Dignam.

Hawke the Band were started by Richie Power & Eoghan Mac Mahon in Richie’s flat in the Liberties in 2019. Both singers then moved to London.

Richie has  played GAA with Éire Óg club in central London.

Richie Power told The Irish World: “We are buzzing.

“We get on really well with her and her crew and her band and everyone so it’s going to be a good day that we’re looking forward to now.

“It’s sold out and everything so we’re buzzing for it.”

Hawke the Band have shared the stage with Imelda before, supporting her in Kilkenny just a number of weeks ago. They were also featured on Imelda’s Sky Arts Christmas special last year.

“She reached out to us in the October.

“She was playing a festival in Meath and the promoter said Imelda had been in touch and wanted us to support her.

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“We had never met her before or anything so we were delighted with that and then we did the support, went down well and she loved it.

“And then she invited us to do the Sky Arts production, that was like with Glen Hansard and stuff as well and John Sheahan of the Dubliners so that was a great one.

“And since then we have gotten a few opportunities from that.”

Imelda May at the recent Bloomsday celebrations at Embassy Gardens. Picture: Noel Mullen.

It must be great for a band at your stage of your career to be getting on bills with Imelda..

“It’s such good inspiration.

“My ma sent me a video this morning.

“She was watching Ireland AM and Imelda was on it and she said, ‘I’m a big fan of Hawke the Band and they’re going to be supporting us this Saturday’.

“She is just so helpful and for no reason, out of just kindness and a love for the music.

“We appreciate it so much and definitely having Imelda in your corner or her approval, it holds a lot of weight.

“We played the festival in Kilkenny and after her soundcheck, she was heading off, ‘Let us know what time you’re onstage, I want to get back for it’, and came back to watch the set.

“She’s just constantly supporting us.

“We’ve made connections because of that that definitely wouldn’t have happened otherwise and so grateful for it.

“She’s just a legend to be honest.

“The song in particular that caught her attention that she first heard was Miracles which is the last single she brought out.

“It’s a bit ironic because the whole theme of that song is having doubts and concerns about your career or the paths you’re taking and having two voices in your head. One saying, ‘Is it worth it, is it all going to work out?’

“And then the other voice is that hopeful, optimistic one saying, ‘Of course it is. I believe in Miracles, you should too’.

“And the opportunities that we have gotten because of that song and because Imelda liked it. There have just been so many pinch me moments like shooting the TV show where it’s us, Imelda May, Glen Hansard, John Sheahan of the Dubliners: So many legends.


“We appreciate it so much and definitely having Imelda in your corner or her approval, it holds a lot of weight.”


“It couldn’t have been a more fitting song for her to hear and like and actually encourage us and help us.

“It’s been such a fitting song and just so happy and grateful for the opportunity that it’s given us.”

Hawke the Band have played Iveagh Gardens before with Aslan.

“That was one of the best days and I know this weekend is going to be no different.

“I’m from the Liberties so it’s ten minutes’ walk from my gaff.

“It’s great for us and delighted to get the opportunity, to get to do it again.”

Richie and the band were sad to hear that Christy passed away recently.

“The day that I found out I was actually in Dublin and Crazy World was just blaring all over the flats.

“The whole flats were just buzzing with Aslan blaring and just talking of memories of Christy and how much of a legend he was.

“It’s obviously such a loss and it’s such a sad time.”

The band will also be releasing their debut EP later this year.

“We have recorded our debut EP. That’s the next big thing for us.”

Hawke the Band play Iveagh Gardens in Dublin on Saturday 22 July in support of Imelda May.

For more information, click here.

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