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GAA-obsessed US comedian treated to All-Ireland

A GAA-obsessed American comedian who became a social media sensation for extolling the virtues of Ireland’s native games was flown by Tourism Ireland to attend last weekend’s All Ireland Gaelic Football final.

The Florida native has become something of a social media sensation in online GAA circles for his musings on the GAA.

As a result, Tourism Ireland and the GAA joined forces to bring Pray to Croke Park for the football final between Dublin and Kerry, which he revealed with a post on Twitter.

He was excited about making it to Dublin for the final and rumours spread online that he may appear on the Late Late.

“I’ve never experienced this much excitement and love at one time. (Sic) Thank you Tourism Ireland and Official GAA for making this possible. I never want to leave Ireland.”

On Saturday, he also made a trip out to Clondalkin to meet the youngsters from Round Towers (or Round Terrors, as he called them), which he described as “humbling”.

He even made it to the pub to pull his first pint and was also interviewed at half-time on Croke Park’s big screen.

Pray thanked both Tourism Ireland and the GAA for organising the trip and was welcomed by many Irish GAA fans.

“You won’t want to leave but you’ll definitely come back,” one Irish account said.

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“Did we have Josh Pray on Up For The Match? If not, why not? And is Aer Lingus and Official Gaa going to bring him back? Because we got work to do promoting these games, and he’s doing it better than anyone,” another wrote on Twitter.

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