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Lucy’s not going away

Lucy Gaffney. Image: Charlotte Patmore

Singer-songwriter Lucy Gaffney has followed up her debut single Can’t Escape with the dream-pop tune, Send Me Away. The track was made track of the week on RTE breakfast with Doireann Garrihy & Eoghan Mc Dermott.

Lucy explains the track as a song that embraces contrast: “For me the track really encapsulates the dreamy element in the idea of love, getting lost in intoxicating moments and the electric excitement of the unknown.”

Lucy continues to explain that the rough edges in the sound are intentional, adding an earthy juxtaposition: “With the recording I wanted to capture the garage band rawness from when I wrote it in the rehearsal studio. There’s an honest naivety to it that fizzes with electric quirks and kinks from start to finish, igniting an in the moment carefree edge.”

While Can’t Escape arrived in April, the Liverpool-based Belfast musician was forced to hold off on any follow-up until now due to the coronavirus lockdown but she did fill the gap by recording a collection of covers. Lucy even got the attention of former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher who described her version of Songbird as ‘celestial’.

Lucy told The Irish World in August she almost missed Liam Gallagher’s compliment and had to have it pointed out to her: “It’s such a weird thing how the internet works. I just put that video up. I didn’t even know people would start retweeting it. It just went mad on Twitter but that’s the power of the Oasis fans. They’re like a cult and once they take you in, you’re there with them for life. I put that up and then within three hours I think it had 60,000 views. The only reason I saw what Liam Gallagher had said about it was because a fan messaged me saying, ‘Do you know who’s been talking about your video?’ And I was like, ‘Wait! What?’ It was pretty cool.”

Lucy has been performing for a long time. When she was 15, she started busking on the streets of Belfast with her brother Thom.

Performing under the moniker Southern, the siblings would relcoate to London and find themselves sharing the stage with people like Jake Bugg and Pete Doherty.

They took a break when Thomas contracted a rare autoimmune disorder. However, it wouldn’t keep them out for long as the family members returned with their new incarnation MMode before the siblings decided they should both do their own things. However, Thom remains a collaborator and features on the track playing electric guitar and bass.

Send Me Away is out now.

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