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Declan Sinnott and Victoria Keating return to ICC

Declan Sinnott and Victoria Keating play the Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith this Friday (21 October).

Declan, from Wexford town, is known from a long and distinguished career. A founding member of both Horslips and Moving Hearts, Declan is also well known for his solo work, producing and has been a long term collaborator of both Christy Moore and Mary Black.

Originally from Cobh, RTE’s John Creedon said of Victoria, “I think this woman is quite brilliant, she has a beautiful voice.”

Partners in life as well as music, Declan and Victoria are also a couple. It all started when a friend invited her to one of Declan’s gigs in Crosshaven, Co. Cork.

And it all happened at the right time as Victoria, who is a recovering alcoholic, had just given up the booze when she first went to see Declan play.

Victoria told us earlier this year: “I love where we bring each other.

“I’m a completely different singer with Dec than I am with other people and I write differently with Declan than I would with others.

“It’s really special, what we have, the connection and we have a kind of shorthand.”

Declan agreed: “I feel the same. When we start, I enter a different realm than I’m normally in and particularly with singing.”

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This won’t be Declan’s first time in London as he actually relocated to the city with a young family to work as a postman.

He had just left Horslips at the time.

Declan formed Horslips with Barry Devlin, Eamon Carr, Charles O’Connor and Gene Mulvaney in 1970. But Declan would leave in 1972 frustrated with several things within the band.

And Declan would triumphantly return to London years later.

He said: “I remember the week we arrived with Moving Hearts in London. Timeout was the magazine of the time and it said, ‘Moving Hearts make The Clash sound like the Bay City Rollers’. That was one of the best reviews I ever got.

“I had been in London before as a postman in 1973 and I had felt like an Irishman can feel in London: Not very appreciated and very timid with it.

“And then going back with Moving Hearts it was like driving in with a juggernaut.

“It was great.

“We were so proudly Irish.”

Declan remembers when he, Christy Moore, Donal Lunny and the rest of Moving Hearts took London by storm. “We had three gigs in the Half Moon and the first gig in the Half Moon was one of the best gigs I’ve ever played.

“We were like something let out of a box that had been contained for a long time.

“And it was just an amazing night. “They let twice the capacity into the room and then forgot to turn on the air conditioning, so it was like a sauna.

“It kind of worked for the gig and we were on fire.”

Formed in 1981 with Declan and Christy Moore as original members, Moving Hearts would gain a huge following for how they combined contemporary and traditional music.

Both Declan and Victoria have performed in London with Christy Moore. What is it actually like working with Christy? “It’s great,” says Declan.

Victoria adds: “Amazing.”

Declan continues: “He’s a great character and he is what he appears to be.”

Victoria goes on to say: “He’s wonderful and you’re wonderful together. He’s very generous. “He’s very funny. He’s incredibly funny actually and just lovely to be around.”

Declan Sinnott and Victoria Keating play the Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith on Friday 21 October.

To book and for more information, click here.

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