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Corbyn must call for People’s Vote, Irish Labour society say

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Jeremy Corbyn

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn should support a second referendum and campaign to remain, according to an Irish Labour Party group.

Corbyn, who has remained tight-lipped about his views on Brexit and instead repeatedly declares his intentions to deliver a Labour government, could face up to a dozen resignations from the Labour frontbench if he backs a second referendum.

Many Labour MPs fear a second vote would expose Labour to a heavy electoral backlash in leave-voting constituencies.

Labour’s frontbench tabled an amendment to Theresa May’s Brexit plan, which included the option of a so-called People’s Vote, but it was defeated last Tuesday.

Labour Party Irish Society (LPIS) members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of supporting a People’s Vote to break the Brexit impasse.

The group, which describes itself as the official voice of the Irish community in the Labour Party, have said that the public should be given “a final say on Brexit”.

Members of the newly elected executive of the Labour Party Irish Society

The LPIS, an official socialist society that is affiliated to the Labour Party, made the decision at its AGM last week.

Matthew Doyle, the LPIS Secretary, said that it was a “tragedy” that the remain-voting Northern Ireland is represented in parliament by the leave-supporting DUP.

“We, as the Labour Party Irish Society, have a special responsibility to be that voice and say we value the peace and progress that has been made since the Good Friday Agreement with both Britain and Ireland as members of the European Union.

“This week has shown that there are Tory Brexiteers willing to throw the Good Friday Agreement under the bus and risk the return of a border on the island of Ireland to try and leave the European Union. This is totally unacceptable,” he said.

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“The politicians are deadlocked. It’s time to give the public a final say in a referendum so that we can protect the peace and prosperity that Britain and Ireland have enjoyed since the Good Friday Agreement and keep the benefits of our European Union membership.”

Protesters outside Parliament just hours before the pivotal Brexit deal vote

The LPIS noted in their motion that Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU in the 2016 referendum, with many people now recognising that Brexit may “jeopardise” the peace process.

They also argue that the Labour Party should campaign to remain if a second referendum is called.

“We believe that there is no satisfactory technological solution that is compliant with the Good Friday Agreement and resolve to oppose any Brexit deal that would see the restoration of a border of any sort on the island of Ireland, in any form, for goods, services or people,” the Labour Irish Society’s motion read.

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