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Birmingham-Irish lockdown tracks gets B*Witched’s approval

The Father Teds

Two Birmingham-Irish bands have got the endorsement of B*Witched for their cover of one the girl band’s songs.

The Father Teds and LAMPA are both well known on the Birmingham-Irish scene and decided they would see what they could put together while staying apart. With everyone recording their parts on their mobile phones, the bands put together a video cover of C’est la Vie which was a number one hit for the group in 1998.

Their cover got the attention of Sinead O’Carroll from the band who said via her Twitter account: “Love this guys. Love the sound. Need to collab.”

Mark McCabe of the Father Teds, who had the initial idea, told The Irish World such a reaction was not really what the musicians were expecting: “It was just for the craic really.


“We know the LAMPA lads well. The last time we were meant to play with them was Paddy’s night and of course that was cancelled.

“We have just been twiddling our thumbs so we decided to have a go at it and it came out better than we expected which was nice but then Sinead from B Witched started Tweeting and Instragramming about it which was a bit mad to say the least. Unexpected but great.


“I dropped the lads a text and everybody was up for it. They thought it was a great idea. It started as a bit of fun and it was fun but when you’re trying to record twelve people singing into phones, it’s always going to be hit and miss how it turns out.”

How keen are the musicians for collaborating with B*Witched? “Hopefully, we’ll see what we can do. It would be nice.”

Are any more covers planned for the two bands to work on? “We might do. I think it will be a while before gigs get back to normal but it’s nice to do something musical.”

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