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Trinity College opens up Book of Kells

Visitors to Dublin can now experience Ireland’s greatest cultural treasure, the Book of Kells, like never before.

Visitors to Dublin can now see the Book of Kells as never before in a new immersive exhibition to raise funds for one of Ireland’s oldest and most beautiful libraries, the Long Room.

Visitors can see the book on display and admire the Long Room, before being immersed in a new world-class digital exhibition. It is the first of its kind for Dublin and is located within the grounds of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland’s oldest university, founded in 1592.

The Experience supports the Old Library Redevelopment Project, to safeguard the 18th century building and conserve its precious collections for future generations. The new immersive exhibition digitally transports visitors into the illuminated pages of the 9th century manuscript and also the collections of the Old Library.

They embark on a 360 degree journey in the pavilion filled with stories, sights, and sounds inspired by the Book of Kells and the Old Library’s precious collections, including an innovative digital reconstruction of the Long Room.

The Book of Kells is one of Ireland’s top visitor attractions, with intricate and elaborate artistry and vibrant pigments that detail the medieval manuscript. Visitors will be able to follow the Book on its journey from Iona in Scotland in 800AD, over the Irish Sea to Kells, and onwards to contemporary Dublin in present day, as 1,200 years of history and stories unfold before their eyes.

The Book of Kells Experience also explores and showcases several of the books and manuscripts from the Old Library’s historically significant collections. Visitors will travel to 1916 to hear the Proclamation of the Irish Republic; interact with spirited sculptures including Ada Lovelace, Jonathan Swift, Rosalind Franklin and William Shakespeare.

They can witness the architectural evolution of the Long Room reimagined from 1732 to modern day. The Old Library Redevelopment Project. will safeguard the 18th century building and conserve its precious collections for future generations.

Proceeds generated by ticket sales will be reinvested back into Trinity College Dublin to support the academic mission of the university and fund development projects and conservation programmes.

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