The Long Goodbye

Terry Wogan Long Goodbye
Image: Gerry Molumby

The Long Goodbye

The Irish World’s Michael McDonagh was at the Westminster Abbey Service of Thanksgiving for the Life and Work of the ‘Former Greatest Living Irishman’ Sir Terry Wogan KBE DL.

Back in January we were all so shocked at the tragic news that our treasured Titan of broadcasting, Sir Terry Wogan, had died after a short illness. It was like the sudden loss of a close friend felt, even by those millions who had never actually met him, such was his popularity and his warmth on Radio and TV. For so long he always spoke to us all as a friend as we woke in the morning or were in our cars as we started our working days listening to him on BBC Radio 2. Being a very private man with a close bond with his family his funeral was naturally and typically for Wogan a very private closed affair, leaving so many of us with no opportunity to say goodbye or to pay our respects to this incredible man, who had been part of our lives for years.

Terry Wogan Long Goodbye
Johanna Lumley. Image: Gerry Molumby

On Tuesday (September 27th) 50 years to the day since Limerick born Terry came over from RTE to make his first appearance on BBC Radio the nation was at last given their chance to express their affection and respect when this favourite Irishman was afforded the ultimate accolade of a Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey. On this special occasion at this prestigious historic location his colleagues, friends and fans (the celebrated TOGS) were able to come out in droves to share with his family the heartfelt tributes, memories, humour and music reflecting the remarkable life and work of our Terry.

Although, having been raised as a Catholic and educated by Jesuits Terry confessed to being an atheist, it was fitting that on this unique occasion he was given this traditional memorial service in Westminster Abbey to confirm his status as a National Treasure. The service was led by the very Reverend Dr John Hall Dean of Westminster with a contribution from His Eminence Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, Archbishop Emeritus of Westminster and in attendance were Dan Mulhall, the Irish Ambassador, Kieron O’Hanlon, Mayor of Limerick and the Mayor of Westminster as well as representatives of the Queen and other members of the Royal Family.

Terry Wogan Long Goodbye
Sir Terry Wogan

The congregation was packed with a plethora of personalities from Radio and Television and I saw his old friend Gloria Hunniford with her husband Stephen, Dermot O’Leary, Henry Kelly, Eamon Holmes, Graham Norton, Ryan Tubridy, Claudia Winklleman, Michael Ball, Paul Gambacinni, Jane Asher, Fearne Cotton Alesha Dixon, Gaby Roslin, Esther Rantzen, Maureen Lipman, Aneka Rice, Heston Blumenthal, Sarah Cox, Vanessa Feltz, Jimmy Tarbuck, Alan Titchmarsh, Barry Cryer,Rory Bremner, Tess Daly, Aled Jones and his long time agent Jo Gurnett, whilst there were many more of the great and the good all coming in homage to this ancient enormous shrine.

The opening Tribute came from DJ Chris Evans who took over Terry’s breakfast slot on Radio 2. He recalled first hearing Terry in his car on his 17th birthday, the day when he passed his driving test and was influenced by Terry’s humorous style, going on to make a career in broadcasting himself. After a 12 hour ‘bender’ involving much food, drink and golf he was later given simple invaluable advice by Terry, who said to him. “They either like you or they don’t!” Chris went on to say that Terry was not the best but that ‘He is the best’ and always will be and he was indeed liked.

Lord Hall Director General of the BBC thanked Sir Terry ‘for giving us so much sheer unalloyed joy’ and reminded us of Terry’s inimitable style when for years he was the commentator for Eurovision with wonderful barbed humour aimed at the huge annual television extravaganza, which Terry was so fond of. He once opened his broadcast by saying, “Who knows what hellish future lies ahead? Actually I do, I’ve seen the rehearsals!”

On a more serious note Lord Hall went on to say how Sir Terry was most proud of his work for Children in Need, which he hosted from 1980 until 2014 raising millions for charity. Each of Terry’s children, Alan, Mark, and Katherine participated by reading prayers reflecting Terry’s love for his family, his love of people, his charity and his ‘endless wisdom’.

‘The present Lady Wogan,’ as Terry described his devoted wife Helen whom he married in 1965, when she was a glamorous Irish model, accompanied her children on this moving occasion.

During his career Terry always championed unknown but special talent, introducing his audience to the music of Eva Cassidy, many Irish artistes such as the Fureys or Sinead Lohan and he had many personal favourites, who got their career breaks from being played on his show. One of these was Katie Melua who sang a moving version of her first hit ‘Crazy,’ accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra.

This was followed by an impressive reading by Radio 2 DJ colleague and friend Ken Bruce of the William Butler Yeats poem ‘The Song Of Wandering Aengus,’which was followed by a haunting and powerful version of the Randy Newman song “That’ll Do” sung by Peter Gabriel, again accompanied by the orchestra. Terry had chosen this song as one of his ‘Desert Island Discs’ and had played it before he signed of on the daily radio show for the last time. I confess at this point I felt the need to hear an element of Irish culture with the ethereal emotional sound of the uilleann pipes somewhere in the musical mix, perhaps played by Finbar Furey, who used to play golf with Terry.

This and maybe the absence of family friend, the Reverend Brian D’Arcy, as a participant were small omissions in a wonderfully balanced dignified service, although Brian was of course there seated with the clergy.

By way of personal tribute Johanna Lumley OBE had written with Richard Stilgoe an amusing poem ‘For The Former Greatest Living Irishman’ which, with characteristic style, she recited from the pulpit leaving us with the thought that Terry is now in a better place and that;

“Oh Lucky Cherubim and Seraphim,
With Breakfast hymns forever linked by him!’

Then after the concluding hymn, final prayers and the National Anthem Terry himself had the last laugh. Whilst the red cloaked Cardinal and robed clergy passed in solemn procession in grandeur down the epic nave of this sacred Westminster Abbey the BBC Orchestra raised the tempo and gave us a rousing and jaunty rendering of the Floral Dance, the Cornishsilly song that Terry had performed on Top of the Pops. It was a beautiful funny touch for a beautiful witty man much loved and missed by us all.

Indeed Ireland can be so proud of him as I would imagine that this was the biggest memorial for any Irishman in London since the state funeral for the Duke Of Wellington in 1852.

Ni bhefdh mo leitheid aris ann

As a mark of its importance The Times (of London), in its Social Register pages, published a very extensive, although not quite definitive, list of those who attended the Memorial Service at Westminster Abbey.

The Queen was represented by Lady Susan Hussey, the Duchess of Cornwall by the Marchioness of Lansdowne, the Princess Royal by the Hon Dame Shân Legge-Bourke, the Duke of Kent by Mr Nicolas Adamson and the Prince and Princess Michael of Kent by Lady Fellowes of West Stafford.

The Lord Mayor of Westminster, the Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland to the Court of St James, Dan Mulhall, accompanied by Mrs Dan Mulhall, and the Mayor of the City and County of Limerick Kieran O’Hanlon attended. The Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire was represented by Countess Howe.Father Brian D’Arcy, Mgr James Curry and Canon Roger Royle were robed and seated in the sacrarium.The Very Rev Dr John Hall, dean of Westminster, officiated, gave the bidding and pronounced the blessing. The Rev Paul Arbuthnot, minor canon and sacrist, led the prayers assisted by the Rev Professor Vernon White, canon in residence. Sir Terry’s sons Mr Alan Wogan and Mr Mark Wogan, and daughter Mrs Katherine Cripps, also said a prayer for their father.

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, archbishop emeritus of Westminster, read from Chronicles 16 and Ms Stevie Spring, chairman, BBC Children in Need, read the lesson. Ms Joanna Lumley read a poem she had written with Sir Richard Stilgoe especially for the service entitled For the Former Greatest Living Irishman. Mr Ken Bruce read The Song of the Wandering Aengus by WB Yeats.

Sir Terry’s widow Lady (Helen) Wogan was accompanied by family members, Mrs Alan Wogan, Mrs Mark Wogan (daughters-in-law), the Hon Henry Cripps (son-in-law), Charles and Isobel Wogan, Harry Wogan, Frederick and Iris Cripps (grandchildren), Mr and Mrs Brian Wogan (brother and sister-in-law), Mr and Mrs Gerard Joyce (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Gareth Wogan [nephew], Mr and Mrs Keith Bannon, Mr and Mrs Paul Culhane, Mr and Mrs Jerry Keenan, Mr and Mrs Richie Notar, Miss Harlow Notar, Mrs and Mrs Bill Cunningham, Mr and Mrs Tony Cunningham, Lord and Lady Parmoor, Mr and Mrs Michael Slade, Mr Max Slade, Mrs Anne Duffy with other members of the family.

Also present were: Lord and Lady Birt, Lord and Lady Donoughue, Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury, Lord Grade of Yarmouth, Lord and Lady Lloyd Webber, Lady Carina Frost, Dame Jenny Abramsky, Sir Peter Bottomley MP and Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone, Major-General Sir Michael and Lady Carleton-Smith, Lady Cotton, Sir Edward Cazalet and the Hon Lady Cazalet, Lady Hatch, Sir Roger and Lady Jones, Sir Nicholas Kenyon, Dame Esther Rantzen, Sir John and Lady Spurling, Lady Stilgoe, Lady Young.

The Bishop of Lynn and Mrs Jonathan Meyrick, Mrs Chris Evans, Mr Stephen Barlow, Ms Kerith Colham, Ms Lindy Kelly.
Mrs Clare Adams, Ms Rene Adefarasin, Mr and Mrs Peter Alliss, Mr Henry Alliss, Mr and Mrs Andrew Anderson, Ms Anna Anderson, Mr Will Ashurst, Ms Collette Astley-Jones, Ms Denise Atkinson, Mr Matt Baker, Mr Rupert Baring, Mr Jonathan Bartle, Mr Johnny Beerling, Mr and Mrs Neil Benson, Mr and Mrs Christopher Berry Green, Mr Stephen Bettis, Mrs Ena Bevan, Ms Jane Bird, Mrs Caroline Blackadder, Mr Heston Blumenthal, Ms Helen Boaden, Ms Annie Bond, Mr Paul Bonner,Mr Adam Bolton, Ms Alison Bonomi, Mr Luigi Bonomi, Mr Neil Borthwick, Mr Alan Boyd, Mr Alan Boyd and Ms Pam Masters, Mr and Mrs Tony Brandon, Mr Rory Bremner, Mr Colin Browne, Ms Grace Browning, Mr Neil Bullen, Ms Anne Bulford, Mrs Angela Burrows, Mr and Mrs Mark Byford, Mr Joel Cadbury, Mr and Mrs Matthew Cannon, Mr and Mrs Stephen Cannon, Ms Katharine Caplin, Mr and Mrs Jimmy Carr, Mr and Mrs Charles Carter, Mr and Mrs Jeremy Chatterton, Mrs Gisela Chick, Ms Hannah Christmas, Mr and Mrs Kevin Clancy, Ms Lisa Clarke, Mrs Thelma Clough, Mr and Mrs John Cohen, Miss Sharon Collins, Mr Andrew Connolly, Miss Oonagh Connolly, Mr and Mrs Richard Corrigan, Dr and Mrs John Costello, Mr and Mrs Rob Cottrell, Mr John Craig, Mrs Nicola Creed, Mr Adam Crozier, Mr Barry Cryer, Mr and Mrs William Cuervo, Mr and Mrs Ken Daly, Dr Bev Daily, Mrs Elizabeth Daily, Dr and Mrs Simon Daily, Mr and Mrs Bill Dark, Mr Tim Davie, Mr and Mrs Angus Deayton, Mr Alan Dedicoat, Ms Alesha Dixon, Mrs Anna Dryhurst, Mr and Mrs Christian du Maurier Browning, Mr Barry Dunning, Mr and Mrs Neil Durden-Smith, Ms Lesley Douglas, Mr Andy Duncan, Mr Greg Dyke, Mr and Mrs Matthew Ellis, Mr Graham Ellis, Mr James Ellis, Mrs Joanna Erwin, Mrs Rona Fairhead, Mr and Mrs Charles Farr, Mr Gary Farrow,Mr John Fingleton, Mr Angus Finnegan, Mr Kiaron Finnegan, Mr David Flatt, Mrs Alexia Florman, Ms Dee Forbes, Mr Don Freeman, Mr and Mrs Guy Freeman, Mr and Mrs Steven Friend, Mr George Frost, Mr and Mrs Andrew Fundell, Mr Steven Furst, Mr Hugo Garland, Mr Rupert Gavin, Ms Ellen Gavin, Ms Jackie Gill, Mr Nickolas Grace, Mr and Mrs Paul Green, Dr and Mrs Bobby Green, Mr and Mrs Tim Griffiths, Mrs Jo Gurnett, Ms Lorelle Harker, Mrs Gloria Hartley, Ms Angela Hartnett, Ms Amanda Harris, Mr Alan Hart, Mr and Mrs Ben Hatch, Mr and Mrs Richard Hatch, Mrs Honor Hayes, Ms Lorraine Heggessey, Ms Eileen Heinink, Mr and Mrs Paul Heiney, Mr and Mrs Shai Hill, Mr and Mrs Alan Hobart, Mr and Mrs Laurie Holloway, Mr and Mrs Eamonn Holmes, Mr Stuart Holmes, Mr and Mrs Paddy Hopkirk, Dr Barbara Hosking, Ms Lorraine Horder, Mr and Mrs Jason Howard, Ms Sarah Howgate, Mr Simon Howes, Ms Diana Howie, Mr and Mrs John Hughes, Mrs June Hutchinson, Miss Nicola Hutchinson, Ms Veronika Hyks, Lord and Lady Imbert, Mrs Lindsay Jacobs, Mr and Mrs Richard Jacobs, Mr and Mrs Roy Jackman, Mr Michael Jackson, Mr and Mrs Paul Jackson, Mr Howell James, Mr and Mrs Lance Jefferson, Ms Heather Jenkins, Mr and Mrs Jason Jenner, Mr and Mrs Miles Johnson, Mr Peter Johnston, Mr and Mrs Aled Jones, Ms Ulrika Jonsson, Mr Rob Jordan, Mr Ian Kay, Ms Julia Kaufman, Mr and Mrs Brian Kearney, Ms Jemma Kearney, Mr Jason Kearney, Mr Darren Kimpton, Ms Ayesha Labrom, Mrs Sara Lakin, Mr Chris Lamb, Mr Nick Lang, Mrs Nina Lang, Mr Philip Lawless, Mrs Susan Leeson, Mr and Mrs Mike Leggo, Mrs Samantha Lester, Mr John Libson, Mr David Liddiment, Mr Mark Linsey, Mrs Maureen Lipman, Mr Adam Longworth, Mr and Mrs Kevin Lygo, Mrs Margareta Lynch, Ms Suzanne MacDougald, Ms Sue MacGregor, Mr and Mrs Bruce MacRae, Mr Simon McCabe, Mrs Philippa McClelland, Ms Aideen McGinley, Mr Adrian McGlynn and Ms Sarah Kennedy, Mr and Mrs Jack McGowan, Mr and Mrs David L Mason, Mr and Mrs John Marsh, Mrs Deirdre Marshall, Mr and Mrs James Meakin, Mrs Tara Mehmet, Mr William Mellstrom, Ms Dorotea Mercuri, Mrs Hazel Morris, Mr and Mrs James Moir Ms Charlotte Moore, Ms Jane Moore, Mrs Hazel Morris, Mr Clive Moss, Mr and Mrs Jimmy Mulville, Mr Mike Nevill, Ms Rebecca Nye, Mr Seamus O’Connor, Mr and Mrs Dermot O’Leary, Mr Bruce Oldfield, Mr Elio Pace, Mr Leo Page, Mr and Mrs Hugo Page, Ms Elaine Paige, Miss Victoria Pakenham, Mr and Mrs Julian Parker, Mrs Jane Paterson, Mr Nigel Payne, Mrs R Penfold, Ms Kate Plantin, Mr Marcus Plantin, Mr Jon Plowman, Ms Ruth Potter, Mr and Mrs Tony Prince, Mr and Mrs Ben Rainford, Mr David Ramsden, Mr and Mrs Anthony H Ratcliffe, Ms Anneka Rice, Ms Jenny Ricotti, Mr and Mrs Geoff Read, Mr and Mrs Jason Riley, Ms Ann Richards. Mr Shane Rooney, Ms Wendy Rooney, Mr Jonathan Ross, Mr and Mrs Michel Roux, Ms Kim Rutherford, Mr John Rudd, Mr and Mrs Tomek Rummel-Rogerson-Marczewski, Mrs Mina Russell, Mrs Fiona Ryan, Mr and Mrs Greg Sadler, Mr and Mrs Nigel Salter, Mr and Mrs George Sandy, Mr Andrew Satow and Mr Alistair Hill, Mr James Sexton, Mr and Mrs Gerald Scarfe, Professor Jean Seaton, Mr Robert Seatter, Ms Kate Shannon, Mr and Mrs Bob Shennan, Mr and Dr James Sherwood, Mr and Mrs Clinton Silver, Mr and Mrs Philippe Sloan, Mrs Anna Smith, Mrs Barbara Smith, Mrs Lorna Smith, Mr Timothy Smith, Mrs Norma Smurfitt, Mr and Mrs Jeremy Spofforth, Mr Anthony Spratt, Mr and Mrs Nicholas Springate, Mr and Mrs Nigel Stockton, Mr and Mrs Peter Sutherland, Mr Jeremy Swan, Ms Claire Tapping, Mr Chris Tarrant, Mr and Mrs Jimmy Tarbuck, Mrs Sylvia Temporal, Ms Nicola Temporal, Mr David Temporal, Mrs Suzie Tipple, Mr Alan Titchmarsh, Ms Mary Totham, Mr Neil Totham, Ms Kim Treacy, Ms Zara Tyne, Mr and Mrs Max Ulfane, Mr and Mrs Ewan Venters, Mr Alex Walden, Mr Stephen Way and Miss Gloria Hunniford, Mr Joe Wilson, Ms Ewa Webb, Mr Tom Webber, Miss June Whitfield, Mr Dennis Whittaker, Mr Darren Whittaker, Ms Frances Whitaker, Ms Rachel Whittle, Mr Adam Wildi, Mr Hugh Williams and Ms Sue Lawley, Ms Lynda Wood, Mr Steve Wright, Mr and Mrs Will Wyatt, Mr Alan Yentob and Ms Philippa Walker, Mr and Mrs Frank Young, Mr Matt Young, Mr and Mrs Tyrrell Young.Ms Gloria Abramoff, Ms Paula Al-Lach, Ms Melanie Ancliff, Ms Karen Bass (director of finance and operations, Children in Need), Ms Sonia Beldom, Mr Mark Benson, Ms Joanna Berry, Ms Tracey Bleakley, Mr and Mrs Jeff Booth, Ms Caron Bradshaw, Mr Tom Brisley, Ms Hilary Bruce, Mr Robert Bruce, Ms Julian Burton, Ms Veronica Butt, Ms Mary Julia Carney, Ms Stephanie Cartwright, Mr Yogesh Chauhan, Mr Chris Choi, Ms Fiona Clark, Mr Tony Clout, Mr Hayden Cole-Rajotte, Mrs Ann-Marie Copeland, Mr Barry Cotman, Ms Vanessa Courtney, Mr Stephen Cranford, Mr Paul Cranford, Mr Simon Crosthwaite, Ms Tess Daly, Ms Sue Davies, Ms Jill Dawson, Ms Julie Dawson-Wills, Mr and Mrs Will Day, Father Andrew Downes, Mr Mike Edgar, Mr Nicholas Eldred, Mr Graham Gee, Mr John Getgood, Ms Leonie Elliot-Graves, Ms Maggie Greenhalgh, Mr Nick Handel, Ms Victoria Fellows, Mr Michael Finch, Ms Cerrie Frost, Mr Gareth Hydes, Mr Paul Kent, Mr Kevin Kibble, Ms Gaynor Kimpton-Scott, Ms Debbie Kitching, Ms Sue Knight, Ms Ashley Lovell, Mr Chris Lycett, Ms Annie Lycett, Mrs Donalda MacKinnon, Mr Luke Mayhew, Mr Stuart McDonald, Ms Maggie Mendy, Ms Martina Milburn, Ms Leah Milton, Ms Chiara Minchin, Mr Chas Mollet, Ms Sarah Monteith, Mr Tony Newman, Ms Marie O’Donnell, Ms Tessy Ojo, Ms Zakaria Osman, Ms Gina Ottaway, Ms Elaine Paterson, Mr Simon Procter, Mr and Mrs Lawrence Radley, Mr Jonathan Rigby (director of marketing and fundraising, Children in Need), Ms Gaby Roslin, Mr Ian Sharp and Ms Sue Cook, Mrs Gillian Sheldon, Mr Richard Shepherd, Mr Paddy Sloane, Ms Lucy Smith, Mr John Spencer, Ms Penny Stephens, Ms Jillie Sutton, Ms Donna Taberer, Ms Anne Taylor, Ms Beverley Tew, Mr Nick Vaughan-Barratt, Mr Alex Walden, Mr Jesse Wood and Ms Fearne Cotton, Mr Chris Wright, Ms Jo Yeoman.Mr Michael Armit, Ms Helen Bishop, Mr Chris Bower, Mr Charles Byrne, Ms Millie Carter, Mr Andrew Caspari, Mr Shaun Connery, Mr Eamonn Cregan, Mr Philippe Critchlow, Mr Con Dee, Mr Phil Dolling, Mr Edel Erickson, Mr John Giltenan, Mr Nigel Griffiths, Ms Florence Griffiths, Mrs Marie O’Halloran, Ms Michelle Houlden, Ms Melanie Jones, Ms Valerie Joyce, Mr Noel Kelly, Mr Joe B Lynam, Mr John Manning, Mr Ricky Marshall, Ms Sarah Matthews, Mr Chris McCluskey, Mr Michael J McDonagh, Mr Tommy Moran, Ms Geraldine Nestor, Mr Denis Nowlan, Mr James Pickering, Ms Clare Pizey, Mr Willie Roberts, Father Patrick Ryall, Mr Jeff Smith, Mr and Mrs Richard Spurr, Mr Colin Thomas, Mr Ryan Tubridy, Ms Frances Weil, Mr Charlie Williams, Mr Paul Wright.
Mr Graham Albans, Ms Bridget Apps, Ms Elaine Atkins, Ms Philippa Aylott, Mrs Lin Balcombe, Mr John Balcombe, Mr Michael Ball and Ms Cathy McGowan, Mr Michael Banbrook, Ms Susie Barnes, Mr and Mrs Peter Battershill, Ms Val Birks, Ms Thelma Blickett, Mr Al Booth, Ms Lynn Bowles, Mr Colin Berry, Mr John Billingham, Ms Nell Bryden, Mr Graham Bunce, Mr Lewis Carnie, Mr James Carpenter, Ms Karen Carter, Mr Terry Carter, Mr Roy Caslon, Mr Ben Chapman, Mr Robin Cherry, Ms Sara Clifford, Mr and Mrs Ron Coles, Ms Sara Cox, Ms Lucy Darbyshire, Mr and Mrs Russell Davies, Ms Ellie Davis, Ms Fiona Day, Mr Peter Dickson, Ms Jacquie Drewe, Mr Fergus Dudley, Mr John Dutton, Ms Mae Edwards, Mr Tom Edwards, Miss Vanessa Feltz, Mr Robert Gallacher, Mr Paul Gambaccini and Mr Christopher Sherwood, Ms Fran Godfrey, Mr Mark Goodier, Mr Matt Goss, Mr Julian Grundy, Mr Mike Hanson, Mr Bob Harris, Mr Chris Hession, Ms Imelda Higham, Ms Becky Howarth, Mrs Anne Jenkin, Mr Paul Jones and Ms Fiona Hendley Jones, Ms Jodie Keane, Mr Shaun Keaveny, Ms Sue Kerridge, Mr Mark Lawson, Ms Myriam Lebouachera, Mr David Manero, Mr Paul Mann, Ms Janine Maya Smith, Mr Simon Mayo, Mr Mason McQueen, Ms Pam Morgans, Ms Samantha Moy, Mr Geoff Mullin, Mr Paul Neris, Ms Julie Newman, Ms Annie Nightingale, Mr Graham Norton, Mr and Mrs Charles Nove, Mr James O’Connor, Mr Ronagh O’Donnell, Mr Paul O’Grady, Miss Eileen O’Rourke, Mr Martyn Parker, Ms Lynn Parsons, Ms Isabella Phillips, Mr and Mrs Paul Plant, Mr Tom Poole, Ms Gill Pulsford, Ms Hayley Redmond, Mr and Mrs Ian Reed, Mr Joe Reed, Mr Paul Rodgers, Mr and Mrs John Ross, Mr Mark Sandell, Mr Tom Sanders, Mr Jack Savoretti, Ms Ingrid Saviretti, Professor and Mrs Jonathan Shalit, Ms Clare Slevin, Mr Tim Smith, Ms Lisa Smith, Mr Brian Stephens, Ms Ruth Stephens, Ms Liza Tarbuck, Ms Helen Thomas, Mr Paul Thomas, Mr Kris Thykier and Ms Claudia Winkleman, Mr and Mrs Paul Viney, Mr and Mrs Johnny Walker, Ms Wendy Webb, Ms Diane Wells, Mr Mark Wells, Ms Bronwin Wheatley, Ms Jo Whiley, Mr Paul Williams, Mr Christopher Winn.Mr Tony Baker, Mr and Mrs Don Black, Mr Nicholas Brown, Ms Margaret Brown, Mr Niall Buggy, Mr David Crabtree, Ms Jessica Deuchar, Mr Christopher Fairweather, Mr Willy Finlayson, Mr and Mrs Grahame Hill, Mr Stuart Hobday, Mr Steve Madden, Ms Ann Mann, Mrs Doreen Mills, Mrs Sally Needleman, Mr and Mrs Denis O’Keefe, Mr and Mrs Peter Owen, Mr and Mrs Terry Patrick, Mr Jonathan Prevezer, Ms Sally Quinn, Mr Brian Willey.

Friends and colleagues from television.

Ms Hedda Archbold, Ms Sue Arnold, Mr Gary August, Mr Paul Balmer, Mr and Mrs John Barlow, Ms Liz Barron, Mr Peter Barville, Mr Alan J W Bell, Ms Constance Bell, Mr Adrian Bishop-Laggett, Ms Hilary Brieghel-Jones, Mrs Elaine Carew Broke, Ms Katie Cooper, Ms Lesley Coulburn, Mr David G Croft, Mrs Patricia Davies, Mr Ray Davies, Mr Raj Dhanda, Mr Colin Edmonds, Ms Angela Ferreira, Ms Clare Finnett, Mr Mark Finnett, Ms Jackie Foote, Mr Terry Foote, Ms Kathleen Green, Mr Graham Hall, Ms Amanda Halliwell, Ms Sally Harrison, Mr Geoffrey Hawkes, Ms Jo Heap, Ms Liz Holden, Mr Mark Howe, Ms Jane Jenkins, Mr Nicholas Lazarus, Ms Chrissie MacLean, Ms Lauren Maynard, Ms Sheila McClennon, Ms Cathy Meade, Ms Louise Morgan, Mr Pieter Morpurgo, Mr Bill Morton, Mr Graham Owens, Ms Linda Parker, Mr Roy Pritchard, Ms Maureen Ragsdale, Mr Neil Ragsdale, Ms Cari Rosen, Ms Jill Sinclair, Mr Paul Smith, Ms Joan Stribling, Mr Roy Sutcliffe, the Rev Brian Taylor and Ms Helena Taylor, Ms Anne Throup, Ms Helen Warner, Mr Peter Weil, Mr Cliff White.Ms Carol Abbott, Mr and Mrs John Adams, Mr Laurence Akers, Ms Anna Amico, Mr Salvatore Amico, Miss Sue Andrew, Mr Stan Appel, Ms Lesley Begley, Mr John Bishop, Mr Kevin Bishop, Mr Phil Clark, Mr John Burrowes, Ms Julia Burrowes, Mr Andrea Corti, Ms Julia Cottrell, Ms Ginny Dyer, Mr David Gardner, Mr Charles Garland, Ms Helen Gartell, Mr Roy Gould, Ms Lucy Haighway, Ms Tina Hamilton, Mr Sandy Harrison, Ms Natalie Harvey, Ms Sarah Hitchcock, Ms Priscilla Hoadley, Mrs Marion Horton-Smith, Mr Tony James, Mr Peter Laskie, Mr Colin Marchant, Ms Jenny Moir, Ms Susan Morrison, Mr Marcus Mortimer, Mrs Patricia Newick, Mr and Mrs Steve Nicklin, Mr and Mrs Damon Pattison, Mr Rory Sheehan, Mr Mike Stephens, Mr and Mrs Keith Stewart, Mr Paul Sullivan, Ms Jackie Tyler and Mrs Norman Mackintosh, Ms Lydia Vine, Mr Bobby Warans, Mr Graham Wilkinson, Ms Lynda Wood.Mr Keith Anderson, Ms Jane Anderson, Mr Tony Ball, Mr Tony Bell and Ms Ann Rosenberg, Mr Edward Barnes, Miss Biddy Baxter, Mr and Mrs Louis Barfe, Mr Peter Cleaver and Ms Caroline Elliot, Mr Keith Clement, Mr Alan Cook, Ms Gayna Danity, Mr Trevor Dann, Mrs Patricia Davies, Dr David Docherty, Mr Torin Douglas, Mr Derek Drescher, Mr and Mrs Bob Dulson, Mr John McEntee, Mr Gavin Fuller, Ms Jane Frost, Ms Dinah Garrett, Mrs Hilary Gibson, Mr Michael Green, Mr Robin Hicks, Ms Margaret Hill, Mr Ashley Hill, Ms Pauline Hill, Ms Pat Houlihan, Mr Will Hutton, Mr and Mrs Richard Ingrams, Mr Paul R Jackson, Mr Kevin Johnson, Ms Wendy Jones, Ms Mary Kalemkerian, Ms Katie Kay, Mr David Keighley, Ms Jan Kennedy, Ms Lesley Kettle, Mr and Mrs Dan Kirkby, Mr Mike Lewis, Ms Avril MacRory, Ms Hellen Martin, Mr Geoff Miles, Mr Edward Mirzoeff, Mr Glenn Nevill and Ms Hester Nevill, Mr Michael Powell, Ms Gillian Reynolds, Mrs Melanie Skinner, Mr Paul Newton Smith, Mr Raymond Snoddy, Ms Vivien Stuart, Mr Duncan Thomas, Mrs Lyn Took, Miss Helen Wilson, Ms Kath Worrall.


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  1. Even in death Terry is still entertaining us. The memorial , you can listen back on Jeremy Vine radio page and will be on BBC i player ; was so full of varied music, comedy, verbal tributes and the voice of Terry himself bouncing off the medieval Benedictine Abbey walls.

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