‘She’s never even seen Big Brother!’


B*witched star Edele Lynch is one of the contestants in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother House. Her sister Keavy tells Shelley Marsden why she’d rather be blissfully ignorant about what lies ahead.

LOOKING perky as ever, Edele Lynch (sister of Boyzone’s Shane, who was pictured at the show’s launch with an epic beard and looking portly) trotted into the Big Brother House last week as part of what critics have called the most dynamic line-up for a while, including former boxer Kellie Maloney, Benefits Street star White Dee, American actor Leslie Jordan and Towie’s Lauren Goodger.

The Irish singer songwriter and mum-of-three is best known as one quarter of Irish girl group B*Witched, which included her twin sister Keavy. At their peak, they toured Europe and the US with eight Top 20 singles and four number ones during their four-years of pop mayhem, so it may have been a while back now, but she’s no stranger to success. Though they disbanded in 2002, the gals reformed in 2012 for the TV show The Big Reunion – and they’ve got a new EP coming out next month, too. Twin Keavy gives us her take on events in the house, so far…

Is it weird watching your sister on TV from your sofa?

Really weird. I’m a huge Big Brother fan; I’ve always watched the show, but never in such frustration. Now I just want the camera to move slightly to the left so I can see Edele, or I hear her talking in the background but can’t quite make out what she’s saying. We’re incredibly tight and used to speaking every day; all I see now is a tiny edited piece of her. I’m like, is she OK, what’s going on?

Were you asked to go into the house too?

I wasn’t and I was quite pleased, I’m not sure I’d do it. It’s scary to be live for 24 hours a day, people seeing how you clean your teeth, what you look like when you’ve just woken up. That’s intimidating. Edele’s more suited to the show. I’m probably more outgoing when it comes to making friends and things, but privacy-wise she’d be less precious. She really changed after she had kids. She was talking about her period before she went into the house, for God’s sake. Nothing phases her, so in that sense she’ll get on fine.


What was she like before she went in?

Up and down. She stayed at mine the night before, and it was good for her to have one night of space where she wasn’t trying to get kids organised – if she’s away for the whole month, they go back to school, the whole lot. So up until then she’d been really busy. It was only at mine, at about midnight that she sat down and thought about what she was letting herself in for. She’d be like “I’m totally fine… No I’m not, I’m having a freaker!”

Big bro Shayne has dabbled in reality TV – did Edele get a pep talk?

The only thing he said to her was, accept the job, go in there, sit back and sit on the fence and suss it all out. I was like Shayne do you know your sister at ALL? Have you ever known her to sit on the fence for two minutes, never mind four weeks? If anyone crossed her, or she thought someone’s actions were out of order, she’d not be shy to speak her mind.

You don’t need to give anything away but did she have a game-plan?

None. She doesn’t even watch Big Brother, so she didn’t know what was ahead of her. I was explaining the show and trying to warn her, but she said she preferred to be blissfully ignorant. I was like no, Edele, not necessarily! She said she would go in there and just take it all as it comes. Look, maybe that will work in her favour. She does look like one of the most relaxed people in there at the moment. It’s possible – she has no idea what terrible task BB may throw at her any minute now.

You know her – who’s she’s getting on with and who’s she not?

It’s too early to say who she’s not getting along with, she’s still trying to find her feet – you see her talking to everybody. But she looks like she’s getting on well with George [Gilbey] from Gogglebox, they look ready to be a bit silly and have a laugh, they jumped in the pool together the other night and they’ve been bantering each other constantly. She’s had a couple of girly chats with Lauren, so that’s another potential pal. Everyone’s still on their best behaviour, but so far so good.

We haven’t seen huge amounts of Edele, though.

We haven’t, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. With anything in life, it’s good to start out slow and build up. Especially because those first days are always a bit awkward, so it’s probably better they focus on you once you’re more sure of where you stand. I would like to start seeing more of her now though, because I can see her starting to have a laugh.

Should we expect renditions of C’est La Vie and/or impromptu Irish dance classes?

Er, no! Not unless Big Brother tells her she has to. I know someone asked her how B*witched’s famous song went the other night and asked her to sing it and she went, ‘No – you sing it!’ If it was a task she’d begrudgingly go ok, fine. What she will be up for are the down and dirty tasks. She wouldn’t mind getting muddy and horrible, she’s not a girly girl. She’ll get stuck in which could work in her favour as I don’t see any other female contestant quite like that.

Bewitched new single cover

Does your sister have it in her to win then?

I reckon people will hugely underestimate her, like they did on Celebrity Apprentice, then by week two they’ll start taking notice.  I think she could go all the way. I’m totally going to put a bet on her – at least £50. Her odds are 33 to 1, so that’s a pretty nice return.

Tell me about B*Witched’s new single…

The Stars Are Out, yes. It took a long time writing the EP because we had to be sure what we wanted the group to stand for now. We didn’t come out of The Big Reunion and just throw something together.  It’s about love, heartache, and the Celtic sound is still in there. As teenagers, we represented how life is fun and not to be taken too seriously. This time, we wanted to represent the fact that we’re women, some of us have kids, we’ve had our journeys, good and bad, and they’ve shaped who we are now.

Celebrity Big Brother continues every night on Channel 5. The single, The Stars Are Ours is out on September 21 and the EP, Champagne and Guinness is released on September 28.








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