Nathan targeting mainstream UK success

Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter is coming to the UK this month, on his second major tour over here, having enjoyed huge success in Ireland where he is bringing country music to new followers.

The fresh faced singer has droves of teenage fans flocking to follow his tours in Ireland, and after a hugely successful tour this spring he is returning again.

“I really want to spend the next few years concentrating on ‘breaking’ the UK,” he says.

“After the last tour the album I released here got into the Top 40 which I was absolutely delighted about, but my next goal now is to break the top 20.

“In Ireland my last albums have gone to number one, but the market is so much bigger here, you have to shift so many more copies in order to do well but I’m determined to get there.

“And there definitely seems to be a market for it here. A lot of people at the shows last time around hadn’t been out to see us before which is great, but it’s good as well to get people coming back

“There’s actually 16 of us on the road now and we really are rehearsing so much to make sure we put on the best show possible to people to get them coming back.

“I’m obviously from Liverpool, and I’ve enjoyed my time in Ireland so much, I’ll always tour there, but I am so keen on using the next few years to see what we can do in the UK.”


And what other plans has Nathan got, would he contemplate reality TV?

“I was speaking to Daniel O’Donnell the other day about doing Strictly.

“I think he’ll be great at it, you can see on stage that he naturally knows how to move.

“Me? God no, I’d be useless! I’ve got two left feet so it wouldn’t be for me at all!”

Nathan has a huge following on social media, with over 125,000 followers on Facebook and more than 10,000 on Twitter.

“When I signed with the label in the UK they said that they’d have to get me someone who would be in charge of all my social media.

“But I had always really done it and enjoyed it so I asked them to let me see how it goes, they kind of put me on trial,” he jokes.

“But it’s going really well. I think it’s a great way of hearing from fans, and it’s a great way for me to communicate with them, whether I’m on the road or even at a barbeque or with my family.

“I’m still coming to grips with Instagram but I send Snapchats too, I really like it and the record label seem to be happy too.”

Nathan also recently launched his new video through his Facebook channel.

“Videos are really fun for me. I love the ones when I can do a bit of acting, like pretending I’m not me and taking it seriously on stage or whatever. It’s easier that way, but within a few days they get thousands of views.

“It’s a great way of getting your music to reach people.”

The former Irish World award winner is 25 now, and is credited with bringing country to a whole new generation of fans.

What does he think of the younger singers rising through the ranks now, like Donegal’s Keelan Arbuckle?

“I really like him, he’s great. Look, it’s not really competition because it’s within the genre and it’s so encouraging to see that there are still young people enjoying that music.

“The more the merrier..and I still feel like I’m one of the younger ones still.. I’m only 25!

“When I first came around it was mainly people from their late thirties upwards so it does show how the scene has changed, and it’s just really encouraging.”


Nathan’s looking forward to playing his homecoming gig in Liverpool.

“That gig should be great fun, last time I was slightly outside Liverpool but this time around we are in a bigger venue right slap-bang in the middle of the city, so it’ll be great to have all my friends and family there.

“There’s a new album coming out in the new year, and we’re already planning the next tour for spring.

“We’ll be coming over in March I think and what I’m really excited about is playing Shepherd’s Bush I think it’s scheduled for about a week before St Patrick’s Day so that should be a real party atmosphere.”

And with all this touring has Nathan got any time for love?

“I’m on my way to a promotion of a gig right now, I’ve done 20 shows this month, and the same in July. I’m finally getting a bit of time off next week and am just going away to Spain with some friends for a few days and then I’m straight back touring again.

“I don’t really have the time to meet anyone, it’d be really hard at the moment.”

And how would any prospective partner deal with all the female attention Nathan gets.

“That’s true as well. Obviously it’s natural for you to get a bit jealous is your partner is getting all this attention from people, but in my job that’s what happens and I love talking to my fans.

“So I suppose, whoever my girlfriend may be would need to be quite confident in herself to be able to put up with that, as well as all the long hours!”

And does he get embarrassed when party favourite Wagon Wheel comes on and he has to get up and dance with everyone else?

“To be honest, I don’t get to many weddings because I’m gigging. But  Wagon Wheel has turned out to be a really good tune for weddings and christenings to get every one of all ages!”

  • Nathan’s tour starts on September 9 at the Forum Theatre in Billingham.
  • See his website for more tour dates and ticket information.

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