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Festival hacks happy healthy
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Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary – 13 Aug 2016

Many of the major festivals may be over with for another year, but there are still plenty of musical offerings still to be had. If you’re heading off to V festival or Reading and Leeds in the U.K., Electric Picnic in Ireland, Summer Sonic in Japan or Breakaway in America, we’ve got some last minute festival tips to keep you happy and healthy trough your next musical extravaganza.

Dietitian Imogen McKenzie-Watson has listed her top four hacks to survive any festival.

1. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day

“Breakfast helps top up the energy stores you have used up each night while your body repairs and renews itself,” Imogen told Cover Media. “It also gives you energy to start your day. So if you’re spending the day walking from stage to stage, or dancing the night away, a good breakfast is vital.”

Imogen’s brilliant breakfasts are porridge, wholegrain breakfast cereals with skimmed/semi-skimmed milk or poached egg or baked beans on toast.

2. Watch your water intake

“Current European guidelines recommend that women drink 2L of water each day, and men drink 2.5L. However, if you’re jumping around in a crowd or in the sun all day, you’re likely to need more,” the health expert advised. “For this reason, it’s really important to keep your fluid intake topped up at festivals. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, try sparkling water or add some no-added-sugar squash.”

Remember alcohol is the opposite of water, and dehydrates rather than rehydrates you. If you are drinking a lot, make sure you’re adding enough water into the mix too.

3. Boost your nutrients

“Instead of missing out on your festival favourites, look at what you can add to your meal to boost the nutrient content,” Imogen said. “For example, our bodies need magnesium, alongside other vitamins and minerals, to produce energy, which you will need to survive the whole festival weekend!”

Magnesium is found in green leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts, so it’s a good idea to keep a bag if unsalted nuts in your bag to snack on during the day.

“Adding salad – lettuce, tomato, cucumber – to your burger, wrap or sandwich is a great way of adding fibre as well as some vitamins and minerals to your diet and helps you work towards your 5 a day,” Imogen shared, adding that if you’re tucking into ice cream throughout the day, seek out fruit toppings for a little health boost.

4. Festival friendly food swaps

As stated above, adding salad and fruit to your indulgent treats is a good way to claw back some goodness. At a festival it’s probably not high on your priority list to eat clean, but Imogen has a few simple swaps that make all the difference calorie-wise.

Chilli and fries FOR chilli and jacket potato or rice – veggie chilli in a taco is great too!

Burger in a bun FOR grilled chicken wrap with salad as a great high protein, low fat meal

Ice cream FOR low fat frozen yoghurt

Hot dog FOR grilled chicken, vegetable kebab skewers and corn on the cob

Cheese and ham sandwich on white bread FOR tuna and cucumber sandwich on multigrain bread

Crisps FOR reduced fat crisps or plain popcorn.

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