What fats to add to your diet

What fats to add to your diet

New research was recently released claiming that diets should include more good fats, going against previous guidelines that state foods like full-fat dairy should be eaten in moderation.

The latest work has divided the scientific and diet community, but co-author of the report Professor David Haslam, chairman of the National Obesity Forum who published the research, said current efforts are failing which has lead to the rise in obesity, and subsequently type 2 diabetes.

The crux of the new argument is to cut down on sugar and refined carbohydrates, and add more heart-healthy good fats into our meals. We look at easy ways of upping your good fat levels.

Full-fat dairy

In Monday’s research, study authors urged people to: “Eat fat to get slim, don’t fear fat, fat is your friend”. One of the top foods in their list was full-fat dairy, which they say can protect the heart. Butter, unlike it’s more processed low-fat spread counterpart, is less processed and is high in vitamins A, D and E. It does also contain cholesterol, but new evidence suggests that cholesterol from diet doesn’t cause heart disease.

Full-fat milk is also making a comeback, and helps the body absorb vitamins A and D. Also there’s an argument that drinking the fattier option makes us feel fuller for longer, meaning there’s less risk of snacking after.


When reaching for a snack, grab a handful of nuts to see you on your way. Full of heart-healthy fats, protein and fibre, nuts will satisfy hunger pangs will doing your body some good too.


The benefits of avocados are far reaching, and whether you smash the green stuff on to your toast in the morning, or add some diced pieces to an evening salad, tucking into avocados is always a good idea. They’re packed full of monounsaturated fats (which lowers bad cholesterol), vitamin E and protein and can prevent free radical damage and boost immunity.

Omega- 3 fatty acid

Found in oily fish like salmon and sardines, Omega- 3 fatty acid isn’t made by the body so it’s essential our diet provides us with it. Omega-3 fatty acid has been hailed for helping everything from depression to Alzheimer’s disease, so it’s a must you had it to your meals.

For those with a sweet tooth who can’t help but reach for a treat after meal times, try incorporating fruit into your snacks. Yes we all know reaching for an apple over a bar of chocolate is the smart decision, but realistically that’s not going to satisfy your sugar craving. Instead cut up said apple and dip into peanut butter (natural is, of course, the better choice here). Goodness, but with that added naughty edge.

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