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Culture Unconfined Festival concludes with poetry and music

The University of Liverpool’s Culture Unconfined Festival concludes today with three more events that will bring the week-long festival to a close.

At 1pm there is music with Loris and the Lion who weave gentle tales of joy and loss, a patchwork of sonic delights built by (wo)man and machine to soothe the soul and feed the heart. A duo from Liverpool, navigating life together accompanied by fairytales, folktales, lifetales, a piano, a clarinet, a harmonium; a guitar, too many effects pedals and some spooky sounding homemade bells.

To watch, click here.

At 4pm Rita Ann Higgins’ poetry responds to the Covid-19 crisis and her growing awareness of its impacts.
To watch, click here.

The day’s and week’s events come to an end at 7pm when Australian songstress Nuala Honan who harvests all her experience to date, and her gift for timeless songwriting, into a sound that lies somewhere between her rural desert upbringing and her fearless pop contemporaries.

Listen to Nuala exploring the strength in vulnerability and connection, click here.

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