Become a pro hairdresser in the comfort of your own home

Become a pro hairdresser in the comfort of your own home
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If you’re a busy working lady or a mum with a hectic schedule, a haircut is often at the bottom of your priority list.

But getting a quick trim is paramount in ensuring your hair remains healthy and luscious. If a trip to the hair salon is out of the question, then follow our tips for giving yourself a professional cut in the comfort of your own home.


Grabbing a pair of scissors out of the kitchen drawer just isn’t going to cut it, pardon the pun! To get a finish your hairdresser would be proud of, it’s important to splash out on some professional hairdressing scissors.

“Obtain a pair of proper hair scissors as they’re much sharper than standard ones,” Tiff J from 3thirty Hairdressers, London, told Cover Media. “Normal scissors will gnaw through your hair and cause more split ends.”

As you might expect, hairdressing scissors range dramatically in quality and price, with Osaka Safari scissors at the very top of the list. For a mid range option, try Boots’ Salon Performance Hairdressing Scissors.


Make sure you examine your hair when it’s dry and check which areas you want to trim before starting. You will need to have wet hair when it comes time to cut, which causes shrinkage, meaning you might end up cutting more off than you meant to if you cut straight into the wet hair.

Also if you’re just starting out cutting your own hair, don’t attempt to do your whole barnet. If you have a fringe, try trimming that, or gather your locks together to snip off the split ends. As well as that, don’t get too confident even if things seem to be going well – if you get too scissor happy you couldn’t end up with a cut that needs fixing in a salon, defeating the whole purpose of doing it yourself!

Steady your hands – a shaky hand is never a good thing for a haircut. Place your elbow on a table if you’re feeling a bit nervy, and take your time. “Try trimming against a light background if you have dark hair and vice versa,” Tiff added.

To cut your fringe, use your fingers to gather the hair together and then carefully take off mm by mm. Use the scissors point first rather than cutting the hair straight across, as a blunt edge is much harder to fix if it goes wrong.

To get rid of split ends, it’s advised that you pull your hair into a ponytail, secure with an elastic, and then use your hands to run down the length of the ponytail. Once you have a good grip of the ponytail, you can cut into the hair at the ends using the points of the scissors.

“Make the cut about 1/4” above the split to ensure a healthy end,” Tiff advised. “Some split ends will be longer than 1/4″ above the end and should be cut accordingly.”

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