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There are hundreds of funky nail varnish colours on the market, but sometimes you just want a natural look. While the thought of giving yourself a French manicure at home can sometimes be a daunting one, there are a whole load of kits and products out there now which will ensure a stunning finish for even the most nervous at home manicurist.

Sophie Doros, nail technician and co-founder of The Mint Clinic, told Cover Media that preparation is vital in order to get a lasting French manicure.

“To start out with creating the perfect French manicure at home you need to prep the nail properly. Like anything, if you prep right you’re over half way there!” she smiled.

Start off filing the tips of your nails into the desired shape. Round or almond shape is the most feminine and popular at the moment. You want to push back your cuticles and buff the nails beds all over. Wipe each nail with a lint free wipe and non-acetone varnish remover. This is the prep done. Easy as that!”

Then it’s time to start with the polish. While you can buy each of the colours you need – pink, white and clear – for the manicure, many companies have started selling handy kits containing all three shades. Trind’s French Manicure Set is one such example, with the finished results lasting very well. A common mistake is to paint the white on the nail first, but it’s best to start with the pink polish, before carefully painting on the white and then finishing with the clear to protect the end look.

“Top tip if you find the tips tricky – begin the arc on one side of the nail, go just past the centre, using a quick sweeping motion,” Sophie advised.

“Then, repeat from the opposite side of nail. For this step I love Blanc by Essie, for a perfectly angelic tip!”

If that’s still too difficult, there’s another neat trick you can try ensure you don’t have any smudges. First, paint your nails with a base coat, if you have one, and a pink or beige base colour depending on what kind of look you want. Leave to dry fully – if you can leave overnight that’s best but if not make sure you still leave for a few hours. Once completely dry, take a pack of circular plasters.

Open a plaster and place the curved edge against the nail, so the majority of your nail is covered by the plaster with just a semi-circular area at the top left uncovered. Take your white shade and paint on the uncovered section – don’t worry if you go over the plaster as that’s what it’s there for.

Leave to dry for a little while and then carefully remove the plaster to leave your perfect painted tip. Once completely dry, paint on the top coat to finish off.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to a white tip if you prefer to mix things up – why not try a clear base with a coral tip for the summer? Just remember to stock up on circular plasters next time you go to the pharmacy and you won’t have a problem!

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