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At Soho Theatre twice last year, The Rubberbandits will premiere their latest show there from January 30

David Hennessy talks to Blindboy Boat Club of The Rubberbandits ahead of the Limerick comedy/hip-hop duo’s performing their new show Continental Fistfight at Soho Theatre…

2013 saw The Rubberbandits enjoy two successful stints at London’s Soho Theatre and before 2014 is even a month old, the same venue will play host to the Limerick comedy/ hip hop duo’s brand new show, Continental Fistfight.

The Rubberbandits, who are known for wearing plastic bags on their heads to conceal their identities and are made up of long term friends and collaborators Blindboy Boat Club and Mr Chrome, came to prominence with their 2010 surprise hit and YouTube sensation, Horse Outside and have since proved they are no one trick ponies, landing their own Channel 4 pilot, an IFTA award, and headlining high profile Irish festivals including Oxegen and Electric Picnic.

The Guardian describe them as: “The Daily Mail’s nightmare of a feral underclass come to life” and among their many accolades, they were given The Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe.

Those who get along to see the bandits at Soho Theatre will be the first to see this new show as it has not been performed before. Blindboy Boat Club tells The Irish World: “It will be the very first time we’re doing it. It’s the world premiere.

“As a result of mass emigration, it’s quite difficult to put a show on in  Ireland anywhere. We’re left with London as the only option. I can fill a room in London for 17 nights but I couldn’t fill a room in Waterford for half a night.”

So where did the name for the new show come from? “Well, it’s just like loads of good things are continental, do you know what I mean? Like continental breakfasts, continental quilts, and I’ve never seen a continental fistfight. It makes fist fighting really luxurious and glamorous. I’ve never gotten a glamorous punch, do you know? So it would be nice to get punched or slapped in a glamorous fashion, it encapsulates the show. It’s like we’re getting the audience and slapping them very glamorously.”


The crowd will be expecting new tracks like Your Dads Best Friend and Hey Mister, but the lads know that not playing favourites like Horse Outside wouldn’t go down well: “That’s the weird thing we have to teeter between because a normal comedian can go and do  a new show and he can do 100% new stuff but because we’re music, we can’t go out and do 100% new stuff because then people will be disappointed: The girl from Carlow will be crying because she didn’t get her Horse Outside,  so it will be new stuff but like a mix of old stuff that people want as well just to keep everybody happy.”


Blindboy and his bandmate revealed their feelings about the new landlord of The Queen Vic with their hilarious Liar Liar Danny Dyer (they felt he was telling lies and the only solution was to get him a headlock). Have they ever got any reaction to the video from the star of movies like Human Traffic and The Football Factory, currently to be seen in Eastenders? “We met him accidentally,” Blindboy begins.

“We were doing a gig in Brighton and as we were driving, there was a lad there with his car broken down. It was Danny Dyer so we helped him push his car up a hill and then he made us go over to a farm and suck a load of green diesel out of a big barrel to rob it for him so we would run across the field with mouthfuls of green diesel, spitting it into Danny Dyer’s car.”

But why would he do this? “He’s a bully, that’s why. He threatened us with a hammer. He would remind you of that fella, Kim Jong-un who rules Korea. He’s pretending to everyone that everything is alright and he’s great but he’s not really though. He’s a big bully. He sells fags to children. He hangs around outside schools with a pocketful of fags and gets a sling shot and sends the fags in to the children and gets them hooked, out of pure badness- He doesn’t even profiteer.

Danny Dyer: Wants to imbalance the universe when he’s not behind the bar of The Queen Vic

“He likes to have disorder on the earth. I saw him over in Chinatown once and there was a yin and yang symbol and he went up with a permanent marker and made it all yang and no yin, just to create imbalance in the universe. He’s a terrible man for that. You could call around to his house with an apple tart and offer to cut his lawn and later on you might find your dog is shot.”

This led to an awkward moment, telling their story to Declan Lowney, the director of their Chanel 4 pilot whose other work includes Father Ted, Moone Boy and the Alan Partridge movie: “Declan is a gas man. He’s like our surrogate da, he’s always trying to bring us down to Brighton and feed us stew. Actually, we met him in a restaurant and Steve Coogan was there and they wouldn’t believe us about Danny Dyer making us suck a load of diesel. It sounded a bit far fetched.”

For the full interview, see the February 1.

The Rubberbandits are at Soho Theatre from January 30  to February 22, performing  at 7.30pm. For more information, go to:


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