Alkaline water: What is it, how does it help and where do you get it from?

Alkaline water: What is it, how does it help and where do you get it from?

It’s always been known that drinking water is beneficial for your health – with experts recommending you glug two litres of H2O every day.

But is all water the same? Miranda Kerr sparked a huge rise in the number of people searching for alkaline water (water with a pH of more than 7) after admitting in an interview that she drinks it daily.

“I follow an alkaline-based diet and drink between two to three litres of alkaline water every day to stay hydrated,” she told Into The Gloss.

“I have alkaline water filters in my kitchen sink and on my shower heads, so it’s purified and alkaline. I learned about the benefits of alkaline in your body from studying nutrition, and there are many ways to do it – drinking alkaline water is one of them.”

Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Wahlberg are also said to be fans.

But what is alkaline water, how can it benefit you and where can you get it from?

“Drinking alkaline water will help you to absorb water and minerals more efficiently,” Elouise Bauskis, Nutritonist at health store told Cover Media.

“Numerous studies have shown that alkaline water may increase the excretion of toxic substances such as mercury and fluoride via the kidneys.”

One of the most beneficial aspects of drinking alkaline water is that it can contribute to maintaining a youthful, flawless, complexion.

“Research is beginning to show the huge potential for alkaline antioxidant water to address many health problems, including boosting the health of the skin,” Naturopathic Nutritionist Amy Morris added to Cover Media. “The antioxidant effect of this water is primarily due to the release of dissolved molecular hydrogen which is a powerful antioxidant.

“Oxidation is a major contributor to ageing of the skin, and of course is a contributor to disease in our internal organs. Research is demonstrating that dissolved hydrogen has got the ability to help neutralise the harmful oxygen free radicals that cause skin quality degeneration and accelerate the ageing process.”

While not all products that alkalise water release hydrogen, the Biocera drinking water products sold by Water for Health, the primary supplier in the UK for alkaline water, do.

Like Miranda, it’s fairly easy to stick to drinking alkaline water while at home. But while you might think you are being healthy by grabbing a bottle of water while out and about instead of a soda, you might want to start checking the pH level of these. Many bottles of water have a pH below 7, meaning they are actually acidic.

There are a host of portable products you can take out with you to ensure you stick to drinking only alkaline water.

“I drink alkaline water at home from my Eva water filter which aside from removing a host of toxins, also remineralises the water and makes it alkaline,” Elouise added. “At work I may drink bottled water, but when I do I always add some Elete electrolyte drops and notice a huge difference in my hydration levels.”

You can achieve the same effect by getting some Zeta pH Booster Drops or Alkalizing Water Sachets from

It’s not just the skin that can benefit from alkaline water.

“Numerous studies have shown a link between drinking alkaline water and a reduction in the markers for bone loss, while having a positive impact on bone health,” Elouise explained.

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