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In this week’s January 18 Irish World

January 18 the Irish World Issue No. 1398 ABUSE, NEGLECT, CRUELTY: The UK’s biggest-ever abuse inquiry opens in Northern Ireland to examine claims of neglect, cruelty and worse made by former residents at various children’s institutions [...]

In this week’s January 11 Irish World (print edition)

WILD WEST: that Atlantic storm on the west coast of Ireland captured in stunning detail SHERLOCK: Drogheda comedian and actress Yasmine Akram gets her big break opposite Benedict Cumberbatch SOUL: Lisa Stansfield, back in brilliant form, [...]

Start 2014 with the Irish World

As we head into 2014 Northern Ireland finds itself, nearly 16 years into the Good Friday Agreement, at a crucial political crossroads with much to be lost if its politicians fail to agree ALSO Flags and parades [...]