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UK border not even nearly ready for Brexit, says watchdog

By Bernard Purcell With Brexit just five months away the British government and Whitehall are, as yet, utterly unprepared for the border chaos arising from leaving the EU without a deal, according to a leading government watchdog. The damning National Audit Office report says most of the complex issues surrounding the UK border in the […]

Dáil parties to stick as twist could bust Brexit talks

There’s seldom a dull moment on the Irish political scene and as the presidential election reached its zenith this week, the real fun and games begin as the country’s two biggest political parties sit down to see if they can negotiate a new deal to avoid an election over the coming months. PJ Cunningham reports. […]

Irish status in UK “is assured” after Brexit

Colin Gannon The British government has said that the rights of Irish citizens living in the UK will continue to be protected by a non-binding agreement after Brexit, even in the event of a no-deal crash out of the bloc. The latest batch of impact papers published by the Department for Exiting the European Union […]

Commission warns business to prepare for no deal Brexit

The European Union issued a 16-page document outlining the preparations that need to be made for Brexit. It includes advice on how countries, companies and individuals should prepare for the prospect of the UK leaving with “no deal” in place. No matter how well negotiations go and even if there is a deal, it says, […]

Ireland steps up preparations for ‘hard’ Brexit as PM May visits Northern Irish Border

Ireland stepping up its Brexit preparations as Theresa May visits Northern Irish border to reassure farmers and businesses Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said the Irish government must “change gear” to face the “enormous challenge” facing businesses trading between Ireland and Britain. Earlier this week the Cabinet met in Kerry – at the historic home of Daniel […]

Irish Builders’ Brexit Boom Accelerates

Irish construction firms increase imports from the UK by a third on this time last year – taking them to 240% above their pre-referendum level Irish builders capitalise on cheaper UK materials to ease cost pressures of Ireland’s construction boom, according to analysis by Fexco Corporate Payments A Tale of Two Brexits: Britain’s construction industry […]

EU ‘will put Ireland first in Brexit deal’

Commission President vows to prevent Border The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Junker was also in Ireland where he addressed a joint sitting of the Dáil and the Seanad and categorically declared that the EU – and 26 other member states not including the UK – would insist that Brexit cannot jeopardise progress on […]

Strong Irish economy vulnerable to Brexit

Irish economy still growing substantially but Brexit is ‘a major threat’, says Ireland’s Central Bank High levels of household and public debt also cause for concern Ireland’s economy is still showing strong growth but Brexit poses major risks, according to the country’s Central Bank. Its first Macro-Financial Review of 2018 says Ireland’s domestic economy is […]

‘No Deal’ Brexit will cost UK households £1,000 per year

Additional costs of £27 billion a year means costs will rise and profitability will fall no matter what the deal is, says study A “no deal” Brexit will cost UK house- holds £1,000 ( 1,142) a year, with the impact disproportionately felt by poorer households, according to new research published by The Financial Times. The […]

Brexit Break-up new stats

Nearly 70 per cent of people in Northern Ireland would now vote to remain in the EU…an increase of 13 per cent since the referendum Most Northern Catholics support the Union if in EU… but not outside it. Few across UK think Union will last into next century An even larger majority of people in […]

Anti-Brexit Unionist elected to Seanad

Anti-Brexit Unionist farmer elected to Seanad with SF help Former Ulster Farmers’ Union president Ian Marshall has been elected to Ireland’s Seanad Eireann – with the support of Fine Gael and Sinn Féin. Mr Marshall, a Unionist and an anti-Brexit campaigner works in Queens University Belfast in the Institute for Global Food Security. He had […]

Avoid ‘Evil Hour’ Brexit Deal

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has been warned to avoid a Halloween ambush on Brexit and the British border in Ireland. The warning, in Dublin, came from three of his predecessors as head of the Irish government, two Fianna Fáil and one from Fine Gael. The three former Taoisigh – Brian Cowen, Bertie Ahern and John Bruton […]

Brexit for EU Citizens in Brent

EU citizens in Brent can now benefit from information and advice around what Brexit means for their present and future circumstances Recently, the Home Office released information and advice for EU citizens unsure about how Brexit affects them. Resources made available include easy to understand, comprehensive information and advice on EU citizens’ rights and current and future […]

Irish children are worried by Brexit

Report reflecting the fears of children and young people on both sides of the Border given to MPs and TDs A report by young Irish people from both sides of the Border expressing concerns about the impact of Brexit on education, healthcare and minorities was handed to MPs and TDs this week. The report, entitled […]

‘Only EU27 talks for us on Brexit’

Taoiseach Varadkar distances himself from PM Theresa May after she suggests he agreed to three way talks on Border and Brexit Tánaiste Simon Coveney suggests EU unable to accept UK proposal that small businesses be exempted from Customs By Bernard Purcell Ireland will not get involved in three way talks on the UK’s departure from […]

UK’s Brexiteers must respect GFA says Vardakar

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar told Dáil Eireann that the UK’s Brexiteers must show the same respect to Ireland’s referendum support for the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 as they demand for the result of their own Brexit Referendum from 2016. He told TDs there would be no diluting or dismissing the Belfast Agreement despite the best […]

Major’s scathing attack on UK’s ‘unrealistic’ Brexit Strategy

Former British Prime Minister (1990-97) John Major has called for a free vote in parliament on whether to hold a second EU referendum and scathingly criticised the UK government’s “unrealistic” Brexit strategy. He attacked an unrealistic campaign built on untruths headed for an outcome that would make Britain, its people, and the very poorest of […]

Hard Brexit ‘could be almost as bad as ‘08 crash’

Brexit could damage the Irish economy almost as badly as the 2008-2009 financial crisis – but over a longer period, according to an economic study. The study and economic modeling by Copenhagen Economics says a hard Brexit would shrink the Irish economy by between 2.8 per cent and 7 per cent by 2030 the size […]

Even after Brexit UK will be a huge market

Enterprise Ireland last week urged Irish companies to seize the opportunities of exporting to the huge North of England market Irish businesses should seize many untapped opportunities presented by Brexit, especially in the North of England, says a new report on the UK’s so-called Northern Powerhouse by export Enterprise Ireland (EI) published last week. The […]

UK’s Brexit surge for Irish passports

More than three-quarters of a million (752,296) new Irish passports have been issued up to December of this year, according to figures from Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Of these at least 162,251 of the applications were made from the UK, including Northern Ireland, the highest on record and nearly double previous […]

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