Our advertising rates
Ad Size Colour

Full Page £2448

(257mm x 340mm)

Half Page £1224

(257mm x 170mm)

Quarter Page £612

(126mm x 170mm)

Single Column £12

(40mm x 10mm)

Inserts (Per Thousand) £40

Classified Rates

£14 for 20 words (70p per word)


Copy Deadline

Full colour – noon on Tuesday prior to publication

Spot colour – noon on Friday prior to publication

Mon – noon on Friday prior to publication

Website advertising


Ad Sizes for the web:

All ads for the website must be in JPEG format at a resolution of 72 DPI (Dots per inch).

Top Banner Size : 955 pixels wide by 125 pixels high
Right Hand Box: 320 pixels by 320 pixels
Right hand Skyscraper: 160 pixels wide by 600 pixels high

Note: We can be flexible on the “right hand box” only, i.e, it can be taller, but no taller than 400 pixels.

Take a banner on our website from £100 per month – call 0208 453 7800.