NEWS — 28 July 2014


By Shelley Marsden

Expert expresses shock that the number of potential organ donors in Ireland is falling as too many of its population is either overweight or obese.

Leading obesity expert Professor Donal O’Shea has also warned that Ireland could become the fattest country in Europe by the year 2030 if it keeps going as it is.

Mr O’Shea, who head up the obesity unit at St Columcille’s Hospital, Co Dublin, said it is a serious problem, and means donors may not be able to donate kidneys, livers and pancreases.

Professor O'Shea

Professor O’Shea

People who are given a liver from an obese person will actually see their own weight rocket, as the liver is the organ with a major immune role that regulates the body’s weight.

Obesity levels in Ireland have doubled in the last decade.

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