NEWS — 24 July 2014


By Madeline O’Connor

Ireland comes fourth from the bottom in Europe, with 47% of Irish couples admitting to fighting over household chores.

According to the new study by Demographic Research, which surveyed cohabiting and married heterosexual couples across Europe to analyse how much they argued about specific issues, Ireland comes in fourth last of 22 European countries on fallouts over housework.

The study revealed that couples that live together were more likely to fight over housework than those who have got married. Married couples, however, fall out more over paid work and how it affects their lives and finances.

Irish couples may be relaxed about housework, but their British counterparts get hotter under the collar, with 62% of UK couples rowing over chores.

And while 33% of Irish couples argue about paid work, it’s nothing like Iceland, where 69% of couples come to blows on the matter.

The research looked at couples between 18-45 and encompassed 9,657 people across the 22 countries.

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