NEWS — 14 July 2014
Kevin Thornton and his team

Kevin Thornton and his team

By Shelley Marsden

Irish Michelin star chef Kevin led a protest at the weekend against genetically-modified (GM) food and hormone treated meat coming to Ireland.

It is feared a new EU-US trade deal could open the door to banned practices such as growing GM crops or treated cattle with hormones, and the chef is part of an association of European chefs who work to defend the quality and integrity of food, Euro-Toques.

Ruth Hegarty,Secretary-General,Euro-Toques Ireland said: “Euro-Toques is an association of chefs who defend the quality and integrity of our food and protect the culinary heritage of each European country.

“Euro-Toques chefs see this trade deal as a huge potential threat to the integrity of our food and to the Irish food sector. The US has a highly dysfunctional food system which protects big industry over the rights of consumers.

“We do not want to see the EU market flooded with US food products produced with lower standards of animal welfare, use of hormones, and unlabelled GMOs. But more importantly we do not want to see the higher EU standards eroded by pressure from the US and its corporate interests.”

Thorton said he is worried that the trade talks are happening “behind closed doors”. “Anything that happens in secret is a problem because it means they are hiding stuff. If you are going to hide stuff it means you are ashamed of it or you know that people are going to be opposed to it.”

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