NEWS — 09 July 2014
One of Hollywood's most famous redheads Julianne Moore

Flame-haired Hollywood actress Julianne Moore

By Madeline O’Connor

According to scientists, the Celtic redhead could become an endangered species as a result of the world climate change crisis.

According to a new report from Scotlands DNA, the hair type could become a thing of the past as it is believed to be a response to cloudy weather, and a reduction in such in Scotland and Ireland could lead to less redheads.

The report says that a gene mutation that creates red hair and pale skin that is more sensitive to light leaves DNA in skin cells more prone to sun damage and cancer. If temperature rise predictions prove true, it could see the mutation regress.

It would, however, take hundreds of years for such a change to happen. Statistics say that one to two percent of the world’s population have red hair.

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