NEWS — 03 July 2014


By Madeline O’Connor

According to the National Rare Disease Plan launched today, quicker diagnosis is necessary for Ireland’s 8,000 rare diseases.

The plan, up until 2018, was launched today by Ireland’s Health Minister James Reilly and key recommendations included the creation of both a Clinical Care Programme and a National Office for Rare Diseases.

The Minister said: “This is a very important plan because we have 8,000 different rare diseases in a small island like ours. It’s very difficult for patients to get a diagnosis and then indeed treatment.

Reilly explained how the plan has explored “how to shorten that journey and reduce the frustrations that people experience trying to get a diagnosis, and then indeed organising the treatments”.

Minister Reilly added: “The significance of this plan cannot be overstated because it provides us with a roadmap for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases.

“I fully endorse this plan as the means to positively shape how we look after people with rare diseases in Ireland”.

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