ENTERTAINMENT — 26 June 2014


By Shelley Marsden

One Direction’s Niall Horan has asked fans to be careful after he was injured at the band’s gig in Amsterdam.

The 20 year old, from Mullingar, has made an appeal to fans to stop chucking items at them while they’re on stage after he hurt his knee at the Amsterdam gig last night, part of their Where We Are Tour in Amsterdam.

An over-excited fun struck him on the knee after he threw something heavy onto the stage.

Horan wrote on Twitter: ”Amsterdam thank you for a great couple of shows! Appreciate you coming.

”Also guys! Can you limit what gets thrown on stage please! Coz somethin thrown at me tonight! Hit my knee! A lot of pain from it!

”Never wana sound like I’m complaining! But only having my operation 5 months ago, I still get a bit of pain and I’m very scared about it. (sic)”

Harry Styles was hit in the face by an unidentified flying object during the same gig.

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