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A Joyce plaque in Campden Grove; and former Kensington Registry Office at Cheniston House where the Joyce and Nora were married

By staff reporter

The annual celebration of James Joyces’s masterpiece Ulysses, and its hero Leopold Bloom, is celebrated on June 16 in Dublin and all over the world.

McDevitt is offering Londoners a unique opportunity to follow the trail of Joyce’s scandalously belated marriage to Nora Barnacle in Kensington Registry Office in 1931.

McDevitt also shows off the Kensington homes of fellow modernists such as T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound and Wyndham Lewis, all of whom helped Joyce in his years of exile and poverty while he struggled to make his art and name.

James Joyce and Nora Barnacle walking in the street 1931

James Joyce and Nora Barnacle walking in the street 1931

Joyce set the action of Ulysses on a single day, June 16 1904; this was a romantic tribute to Nora as that was also the day they went out on their first date together.

Celebrate a great book and a great relationship on Bloomsday with West London-based Irish poet Niall McDevitt.

Meet at High Street Kensington entrance to tube station on Mon Jun 16 at 6.45pm for a 7pm start. £5. Further info: 07722163823.


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