NEWS — 04 June 2014


By staff reporter

IRISH-American Colleen Simon who is in charge of distributing food to the hungry for her Catholic Church in Kansas City, Missouri has been made to step down from her position as marriage to another woman was made public knowledge.

Catholic website Faithful America is now running a petition to get her reinstated, with the tagline “Love thy neighbour, no exceptions.”

Colleen said she loved her job, which managed a service feeding 70 families each month, as it joined her passion for social justice with her faith.

But after a profile of her work with the food pantry in the April 30 issue of the Kansas City Star revealed that her spouse was a woman, she was forced to step down.

She married her wife, Donna Simon, in Iowa in 2013. In July of that year, she was hired by St. Francis Xavier Church in Kansas City.

Her wife, Donna is a reverend at Kansas City’s St. Mark Hope and Peace Lutheran Church, and she posted on Facebook about the situation.

She wrote: “I am so very proud of Colleen Simon, who has handled this whole mess with amazing grace. She reluctantly agreed to have this story told, because she wants to encourage change. No one should have to go through this – to be fired for being who they are.”



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