NEWS — 21 May 2014

Tag Rugby

By staff reporter

THE Irish Tag Rugby Association have been officially accepted as the twelfth member nation of the International Tag Federation (  

In early July, Ireland will host the Touring Australia and Great Britain Tag Teams and will play both regional and national tests. The all new Tag Ireland Team will also qualify for the 2015 Tag World Cup in Australia, and they intend to pitch to host the 2018 World Cup.

Simon Bewley founded the Irish Tag Rugby Association, having returned from Australia after meeting Oztag founder Perry Haddock. There were 300 players in year one and 2013 saw 12,000 players, in 26 venues nationwide. This year is seeing huge corporate growth and therefore, new dedicated Corporate and Medical leagues.

Alongside, Alive Outside is the sister company behind the hugely successful Hell & Back adventure race series. The full time professional dual team have been successfully running Tag Rugby Leagues, Corporate Blitzes and the annual coveted Corporate Cup.

They also run an annual calendar of Beach Tag Festivals, including Pig n’ Porter – the Largest Tag Festival in the World. ITRA and Alive Outside operate from their HQ in Dunlaoghaire, Co Dublin.

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