SPORT — 15 May 2014

By Damian Dolan.

London are a third of the way towards raising their £500k share of the £4.17m redevelopment cost for Ruislip. So far, donations for the project have brought in £170k since January, and after launching the seat naming scheme last month, the next stage in the development committee’s fundraising efforts has been to approach provinces, counties and clubs across Ireland.

“We’ve still a massive way to go, but we’re very uplifted by the support we’ve got. Those donations are coming from the Gaels of London – they’re always the first,” said Donal Corbett.

“There would be very few clubs in Ireland’s whose players haven’t played at Ruislip. Players who’ve come over to London as young men, returned home and won All Irelands with their home county. There are many in both codes.

“We are the GAA family – a phrase our president Liam O’Neill uses a lot. The support we’ve got from Croke Park and the Irish Government reflects the need for Ruislip, and that in turn has influenced the people who are donating at the moment.

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