ENTERTAINMENT — 16 December 2013

By staff reporter

Will Ferrell – as his alterego, anchorman Ron Burgundy, has issued a special address on Ireland’s Late Late Toy Show- this time, to Taoiseach Enda Kenny who he challenges to a ‘cosy’ live debate.

After messages about the Love/Hate season finale and The Late Late Toy Show as part of his promotion of Anchorman 2, he has recorded a special address for the Taoiseach, in which he proposes a live debate in order to avoid ‘pesky gaffes’.

In the clip, he refers to Mr Kenny as ‘Edna’ rather than ‘Enda’ Kenny.

“Live television is a terrifying beast to master, but I’m here to lend a helping hand. I challenge you, Edna Kenny, to a live debate here on GNN,” he began in the special video clip, produced by Paramount.

“Keep in mind there will be teleprompters, so everything will be scripted and there will be no risk of those pesky gaffes. We will of course advertise the debate as live, but in reality, we’ll probably do it on a cosy Saturday afternoon”

“Afterward, we can go see a movie. We’ll make a day of it. It’ll be fun. The world will never know.”

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