ENTERTAINMENT — 05 August 2013

Shelley Marsden

Michael Fassbender has topped a fan poll as the actor they’d most like to play the next Batman

The Kerry-born actor is comic fans’ favourite to replace Christian Bale in the Dark Knight role

Followers of ‘Comic Book Resources’, a website dedicated to covering comic-book related news, were asked if they thought the 36 year old Shame star would be the best candidate to take on the famous superhero.

Over half of those polled were enthusiastic, with 20 per cent saying he would be a “perfect choice”, 12 per cent calling him a “great choice” and 24 per cent agreeing he was a “good choice.”

However, 20 per cent described him as a “bad choice”, with 16 per cent of comic book readers suggesting he was a “horrible choice.” A further eight per cent said he would be “ok” as the caped crusader.

One browser said Fassbender was just too old for the part: “I personally think Fassbender could work, but he’s probably too old in the eyes of the studio execs. They’ll want someone who’s young enough to milk another potential trilogy out of over the next 6-8 (stet) years.”

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