NEWS — 13 August 2014

Ha'penny Love Lockets 8

DUBLIN City Council have decided to save the city’s iconic Ha’penny Bridge from the weight of couples’ love lockets.

Couples have taken to proclaiming their love by attaching initialled padlocks to show that their love will stand the test of time, or singles leave them there in the hope a suitor with the right key may find them.

In February, the council issued signs on the 200-year-old bridge, which connects Temple Bar to the north of the river Liffey, asking people to refrain from making the romantic gesture. But they have now had to remove the love lockets in order to shield the bridge which went through extensive repair work by DCC in 2001.

Some are so tightly fixed that they are concerned that cutting them off will cause further damage to the protected bridge, so will need to pick each lock individually.

These tokens of love have become increasingly popular across the continent in the past few years, and are starting to feature on the Rosie Hackett Bridge further up the river.

However foreign officials have had to step in after part of the Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris collapsing from the weight of the locks last June, as officials in London and Moscow have encouraged lovers to instead use designated trees as long as they make a charitable donation.

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