NEWS — 13 August 2014
Adam Lynch

Adam Lynch


By staff reporter

THE Irish bank robber Adam Lynch, better known as ‘The Ho Hum Bandit’, a nod to his laid-back, nearly bored demeanour as he commits his crimes, has been sentenced in California over robberies there.

Described as one of the most prolific bank robbers in recent US history, he has been sentenced to a further six years in federal prison for a series of heists over a few months in one Californian city.

Lynch, 37 and from Dublin, is already serving over five years for other robberies he committed in Colorado and Wyoming.

He confessed to 17 robberies in the space of just 13 months, though police believe the real figure of robberies carried out by Lunch run into the mid-20s.

He was caught after telling his girlfriend about his heists over drinks in the Fado pub in downtown Denver. She left the bar discreetly and immediately alerted the police.

A federal court in San Diego sentenced him to 70 months in prison, the judge ordering that 56 of those be served consecutively. He will not be released from jail until 2020, after which he is likely to be deported back to Ireland.

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