NEWS — 11 August 2014


By Madeline O’Connor

Frank Maloney has shocked the boxing fraternity with the news that he is now living as a woman and is waiting for a sex change operation.

The second generation Irishman who guided Lennox Lewis to a world title in the 90s is now living as a woman, named Kellie. The twice married father of three, 61, told the Mirror that he was simply born in the wrong body and has always known he was a woman.

He added that he was fed up of “living in the shadows” and living with the burden any longer “would have killed me.

Kellie has undergone hormone therapy, electrolysis, voice coaching and counselling. Under British law, as a transsexual she must spend two years living as a female before being allowed to have corrective surgery.

She told the paper:  “The boxing community can think whatever they want about me now. I have come to terms with my transition but I don’t understand it.

“I hope society will be open minded. I know I could have done my job in boxing as a female.”

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