NEWS — 05 August 2014

Smyths toys

by Shelley Marsden

IRISH TOY RETAIL giant Smyths Toys Superstores has denied reports that it took Israeli products off its shelves – and intervened in a Dublin branch that claimed it had.

It was widely reported that the toystore, a leading provider of children’s toys with thirty stores in Ireland and forty across the UK, had removed all Israeli products from its Jervis Street Store in Dublin.

The story was based on a photograph of a sign that seemed to appear in the window of the Jervis Street store. In it, the name of the toy brand was misspelt as ‘Smythys’ and the sign claimed that the shop had “removed Amav products and other products made in Israel from our shelves.”

Smyths Toys said they “do not engage in national or international political affairs”, confirming that one store of its thirty in Ireland had taken products from “one country” off its shelves, but that this decision had now been reversed.

So far 1,800 Palestinians and 67 Israelis have died in the violence. Palestinian health officials have said the majority of those killed in Gaza have been civilians, while on the Israeli side 64 soldiers and three civilians have lost their lives.

Over 9,000 have been injured since the conflict began some four weeks ago.

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