July 25th, 2013

Back, after an Intermission

By David Hennessy “You’ve a lot of control in theatre and your collaborators in theatre are exactly that, they’re collaborators. Everyone has one goal that they’re aiming towards whereas with film some of the collaboration isn’t [...]

Redeeming feature

By David Hennessy “To get a second bite of the cherry is good. It’s not often you do,” says well known comedian and actor from Cookstown, Owen O’Neill. “All the mistakes we made before, we can try to iron them out here, probably make new [...]

Travelling tunes

By David Hennessy Singer Jennifer Byrne has certainly enjoyed a nomadic existence. Born in Dublin, she has lived in Wicklow while she now calls Wexford home. Jennifer studied in Cork where she began a love affair [...]

Picture perfect

By David Hennessy Well known as lead singer and violinist of the hugely successful traditional band Beoga, Niamh Dunne has just launched her debut solo album. Entitled Portraits, the new collection boasts old traditional numbers and [...]