ENTERTAINMENT — 22 August 2014


Essence of Ireland, a musical story of romance, is embarking on a two month UK tour at the start of next year.

Tickets are going on sale on September 5, and with rave reviews from the BBC, and potential theatre-goers would be wise to book as soon as possible to witness this celebration of the Irish diaspora, which combines classic Irish songs with brand new original material.

Set against the backdrop of Ireland, England and America in the 19th century, Essence of Ireland tells the story of love, joy, happiness and heartache endured by Coro McGowen and Sean Dempsey as they are separated by emigration from each other and their beloved Ireland.

Based on true events, Essence of Ireland is a heartbreaking yet heart-warming story brought to life and set against the music and dance of Ireland, the USA and Spain.

With Irish classics such as “Galway Girl”, “Emigrant Eyes”, “Tell me Ma”, “Irish Rover” along with original scores, Essence of Ireland is the most complete Irish show in the world today.

“Everyday is St Patrick’s Day when these guys are intown” - The BBC

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